Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Relationship Between Zodiac Signs and Food

 In Astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs and all signs are having there own different element and nature from other. If we take  class="kLink">diet  according to our Zodiac Sign, we can become healthier and can use maximum strength to get successful.
Zodiac Sign – ARIES
Master – MarsGender – MaleElement – FireNature – VariableAries people are courageous and full of energy, but they have lack of patience. They get relaxed by head   class="kLink" massage,in case of headache. They like tasty and spicy food. The People with this zodiac sign should have sour food.
Zodiac Sign – TAURUSMaster – VenusGender – FemaleElement – AirNature – Dual NatureThe people with this Zodiac Sign are very hard worker; sometimes they get angry. More often, they have female child. They very much like tasty food and it draws their attention very quickly. They suffers from gastric and cough problems. They must include more fiber in their diet and avoid high calorie food.
Zodiac Sign – GEMINIMaster – MercuryGender – MaleElement – AirNature – Dual NatureThe Gemini’s are very ready-witted, humorous and attractive. They do not much bother about food, they can have any available food. They suffers from gastric, gall and cough problems. They should include, soya beans, potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, class="kLink">onion,fenugreek, milk and cottage cheese in their diet.
Zodiac Sign – CANCER
Master – MoonGender – FemaleElement – WaterNature – VariableThe Cancerians are quiet nature and sincere. They mostly suffers by digestive,  class="kLink">body class="kLink">fat,chest pain, early class="kLink" fatigue and cough. They should include, kidney <span><span class=kLink>beans, rice, sups, herbal tea, backed vegetables, cottage cheese and cucumber in their diet.</span></span>
Zodiac Sign – LEO
Master – SunGender – MaleElement – FireNature – StableThe Leo's are very energetic and majestic nature. This zodiac sign mostly effects eyes, heart, head and class="kLink">bone and they suffers from gall problems. They should include coriander and garlic in diet.
Zodiac Sign – VIRGOMaster – MercuryGender – FemaleElement – EarthNature – Dual NatureThe Virgo Zodiac sign represents the intelligence. If the person is less educated, even then they are intelligent and systematic. These people are choosing different kind of works which are not common.This Zodiac sign is having problems related to gall and cough. Because they are having week intestine, they should include more fiber in their diet.
Zodiac Sign – LIBRAMaster – VenusGender – MaleElement – AirNature – VariableThe person with this Zodiac sign are very neat and clean and follow the latest fashion trend. They are magnificent by nature and likes exercise; they cannot take any decision. They mostly suffers from liver and gastric problems. They should have balanced diet.
Zodiac Sign – SCORPIOMaster – MarsGender – FemaleElement – WaterNature – StableScorpions are likely monotonous nature and because they like easy life they do not looking rigorous routine. This Zodiac sign effects breeding organs. They suffers from gall related problems, so they must have a balanced diet.
Zodiac Sign – SAGITTARIUSMaster – JupiterGender – MaleElement – FireNature – VariableThe Sanitarians are liking progress and seeking freedom. This Zodiac sign effects the parts of waist. They face cough problems and likes tasty food very much. They should take milk and milk products. They should go for morning and evening walk and little bit of exercise is good for them.
Zodiac Sign – CAPRICORNMaster – SaturnGender – FemaleElement – EarthNature – VariableThe Capricorn's are having gastric and gall trends. They are very punctual but very careless about there diet. In their diet, they should include fresh and plane curd, grams, yellow rice, plane chapati, green vegetables, garlic, salad , fresh class="kLink">fruits with citrus.
Zodiac Sign – AQUARIUSMaster – SaturnGender – MaleElement – AirNature – StableAntiquarians are very magnificent. They are uncertain about their diet. They are soon infected from nervous system. They get effected by gastric problems. These people should include curd, milk and porridge; milk should be skimmed.
Zodiac Sign – PISCESMaster – JupiterGender – FemaleElement – WaterNature – Dual NaturePeople with this zodiac sign are dreaming big and also fulfilling their dreams. They live in their own world. These people are basically lazy and trying to stay away from the rigid life. They are suffering from cough and liking the traditional food.

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