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Pradosh Vrat November 2010 – Pradosham Fasting Dates

Pradosh or Pradosham, also referred as Pradosha Vrat, is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Pradosh Vrat dates in November 2010 are November 3 and November 19.Pradosham occurs twice in a Hindu month – once each during the waning and waxing phase of the moon on the Trayodashi day (Thirteenth day after new moon and full moon). Pujas and rituals on Pradosham are performed during the twilight period – around 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after sunset.
Fasting from sunrise to sunset is an important aspect of Pradosham. The fast is broken after the evening prayers. The puja and worship is done in the evening. Most devotees spend the evening on the day in a Shiva temple.

Kali Chaudash

Kali Chaudash is observed a day before Diwali in North India and Gujarat. It is also known as Narak Chaturdashi. Deepavali in South India is celebrated on the day. Legend has it that Lord Krishna killed demon Narkasur on the day with the help of Sathyabhama. Special prayers are also offered on the day to Lord Hanuman. In 2010, date of Kali Chaudash is November 4. Hanuman puja is a major spiritual event on the day for many Hindu families.

People bath before sunrise on the day. Special prayers are offered to Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is believed to remove the fear of evil spirits and assure in auspiciousness on the day.

Narak Chaturdashi 2010

Narak Chaurdashi is observed during Diwali celebrations in South India. Narak Chaturdashi 2010 date is November 5. It celebrates the victory of Lord Krishna over Demon Naraka (Narakasura or Narakasuran) and also the legend behind Deepavali celebrations in South India.

Narak Chaurdashi is observed on the 14th day of Ashwin month as per Hindu traditional calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The corresponding month in Tamil Nadu is Puratassi.

The reason for celebrating Diwali in North India is based on the return of Lord Ram from exile to Ayodhya. But in South India the legend is of Krishna defeating demon Naraka with the help of Satyabhama.

In 2010, Lakshmi puja is also offered on the same day.

It must be noted that usually Narak Chaurdashi falls a day before Diwali in North India. But in 2010 Narak Charudashi in South India and Diwali in North India is on the same day.

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