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Pradhosha Vratham

Pradhosha vratham is observed on the thryodhasi thithi , i.e. when moon is in its 13th phase. Special pujas are performed to Lord Siva and Nandhi deva ( lord Siva's transport). The legend is that all devas and other gods assemble on this day in Siva temples to perform the pradhosha puja. Thus having the darsan of Siva on a pradhosha time is equivalent to having the darsan of all Gods and celestial beings.

There is a legend about the origin of Pradhosham.Once Sage Durvasar ( know for his short temper) presented Siva prasadam to Indra, the king of devas. Indra received this without any respect and tossed the garland on his transport, Iravatham. The elephant also played with the garland and sqaushed it under its feet. Durvasar got very angry with this insult to Siva Prasadam and cursed Devas that all the propserity and riches of devas will also be perished. Accordingly devas lost all their wealth and powers to the demons (asurAs).

According to the advice of Lord Vishnu, devas churned the celestial Milky ocean to regain the lost wealth. From the ocean al the wealth and riches lost by Devas reappeared. At the same time the ocean also yielded the poison. In order to protect the Devas Lord Siva drank the poison. That day falls on the eleventh phase of moon ( EkAdhasi) and on that day devas fasted and prayed to lord siva. On the evening of the following day Lord Siva appeared before Devas and blessed them. That time was in the evening for about 3 hours. This time is called pradhosha time. For accurate timing of pradhOsham please refer to your local temples.

Pradhosha vratham is one of the most important among the poojas performed to the Graceful Lord Shiva. In Shukla Paksha (15 moon days from New moon to Full moon) and Krishna Paksha (15 moon days from Full moon to New moon) the evening of the trayodasi (thirteenth moon day) between 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. is called Pradhosha. It comes once in fifteen moon days. Pradhosha time is especially meant for praying Lord Shiva. Praying in that time will free us from out sins and gives moksha finally (hence the name Pradhosha).

On the day of Pradosham, fasting to be performed right from the morning and the first food should be the Prasad after the Pooja is over.

Everyday between 5.30 to 6.00 pm in the evening is called Dina Pradosham. Every thirteenth day of a Paksha (15-day cycle, making it two Pakshas every month - Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha) is called Maha Pradosham. The time between 5.30 to 6.30 pm in the evening is called Pradosham (Dina Pradosham). During the Pradosha period, it is significant to worship Lord Shiva, as He performs the Holy Dance in Kailashparvatam., all Devtas assemble there to watch this holy event, offer their Prayers to HIM. Thinking and meditating during Pradosha Kalam is considered most sacred by Hindus and helps derive benefits of having worshipped all Devatas at one go.

This varatam is observed (approximately) between 4.30 to 6.30 pm on the trayodashi day (thirteenth moon day). That is in the evening which has trayodhashi.
The following dates are given as per Indian Standard Time(IST). If you are living in India (or the same time zone) the date given in the left of this table is applicable. If you are living in any other time zone you might have to calculate for which date the above mentioned two conditions satisfy (trayodashi & evening) for your local time to observe this vratam. For this convenience the time for which the trayodhashi titi is present is given by the side (in IST). namaH shivAya

pradoSham calendar for April 2010 - April 2011 (vikRuthi year)

pradhoSham Date (For Indian Time)
trayodashi starts from
trayodashi present till


26th April 2010
26th April
12:54 am
26th April
10:18 pm

11th May 2010
11th May
06:34 am
12th May
07:08 am

25th May 2010
25th May
07:57 am
26th May
06:25 am

10th June 2010
09th June
08:35 pm
10th June
07:53 pm

23rd June 2010
23rd June
04:06 pm
24th June
03:55 pm

09th July 2010
09th July
08:23 am
10th July
06:22 am

23rd July 2010
23rd July
03:36 am
24th July
05:10 am

07th August 2010
06th August
08:32 pm
07th August
06:21 pm

21st August 2010
21st August
03:38 pm
22nd August
05:47 pm

06th September 2010
06th September
02:59 am
06th September
11:35 pm

20th September 2010
20th September
07:31 am
21st September
10:02 am

05th October 2010
05th October
10:57 am
06th October
07:26 am

20th October 2010
20th October
03:40 am
21st October
05:33 am

03rd November 2010
02nd November
09:55 pm
03rd November
06:59 pm

19th November 2010
18th November
08:16 pm
19th November
09:36 pm

03rd December 2010
03rd December
02:04 am
04th December
12:22 am

18th December 2010
18th December
03:13 pm
19th December
03:19 pm

01st January 2011
01st January
03:04 pm
01st January
02:28 pm

17th January 2011
17th January
08:30 am
18th January
07:14 am

31st January 2011
31st January
05:13 am
01st February
06:24 am

16th February 2011
15th February
11:11 pm
16th February
08:39 pm

02nd March 2011
01st March
07:51 pm
02nd March
09:46 pm

17th March 2011
17th March
10:43 am
18th March
07:21 am

31st March 2011
31st Marcht
12:39 pm
01st April
03:05 pm

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