Saturday, 16 July 2011

Narada Muni

Narada Muni was a gandharva, a nature sprit that is part animal. During a sacrifice, seeing the beautiful maidens, his mind wandered. The wrongful act angered Parvati's father, Dakshabrahma, who cursed him to be born to a maidservant.

In his next birth, Narada and his mother began serving the sages. Pleased with their service, the gods allowed them to taste their food. The saintly food purified their hearts and Narada became their student.

After his mother's death, he headed for the forests in search of the lord. One day, he saw a vision of the Almighty, which said, "As you have seen me once your desire to be with me shall grow. You shall join me in heaven one day."

After his death, he took the form of a heavenly being and joined the lord.

Narad Muni's Monkey Face

Once Narada was so immense in meditation, that Indra grew suspicious. He sent Kamadeva to tempt him into breaking his meditation. A beautiful girl emerged from Kama's arrow and began tempting Narada, but in vain. Kamadeva accepted defeat. At this Narada said, "Go and tell Indra that Shiva is not the only powerful one, I too have conquered all temptation." Narada then began bragging about his achievement. He went to Shiva and told him the story. Seeing him showing off like this, Shiva advised him not to say anything to Vishnu, but Narada did not take his advice. He boasted before Vishnu, but Vishnu only replied. "Be on guard." Narada's pride had blinded him so much that he could not read Vishnu's warning. On his way back he spotted a beautiful city and discovered that a king by the name Sheelanidhi ruled there. When Narada visited the palace he was informed about the swaymvara of Sheelanidhi's daughter, Shrimati.

Seeing Shrimati Narada was captivated. He instantly recognised her as Laxmi's incarnation and realised that only a man as glorious as Vishnu could marry her. Wanting to marry her himself, Narada began planning how he could get Vishnu's glory. He went to Vishnu and prayed for a face resembling Hari. Vishnu granted his wish. Unfortunately Narada did not know that Vishnu's other name, Hari, also meant a monkey. Thus vishnu actually bestowed a monkey's face on Narada.

Unaware of the monkey face, Narada asked for the princess's hand at the swaymvara. Every one mocked and laughed at Narada and showed his monkey face.

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