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Mantra Healed Rahu Yantra

Mantra Healed Rahu Yantra

by Mantra & shlokas on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 12:10pm

In Indian Astrology, Rahu is depicted in art as a dragon with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu is one of the navagrahas in Vedic astrology. The rahu kala is considered inauspicious. According to legend, during the Samudra manthan, the asura Rahu drank some of the divine nectar. But before the nectar could pass his throat, Mohini the female avatar of Vishnu cut off his head.

Rahu is capable of giving power when rightly positioned or exalted, and it gives fame, success in politics, money, and attraction. Diseases caused by Rahu are paralysis, insanity, limb injury, cancer, tumors, heart pain, rheumatism, bronchitis, etc. and Problems caused are anger, leaving home, dissatisfaction, fear complex, liar, disfavor of superiors, etc.
Properly Mantra Healed Rahu Yantra written on Bhoj Patra / Copper Plate, grants victory over enemies, favour from the King or Government, and Reduction in Problems caused by Rahu. Rahu Yantra must be kept and worshipped in temple of your house. By the use of Rahu Yantra malefic effects of Rahu are eliminated.

He is the presiding deity of this shadow (Chhaya). According to the rigveda when Rahu – the son of Asuya or Sinhika covers the sun and the moon with his darkness, then it becomes so dark that the people became unable even to identify their places. The presiding deity of Rahu is ‘Kaal’. It is symbolised by a black flag in north west direction among all the nine planets. The great phase of Dragon’s head lasts for 18 years. Barring few situations it is generally considered to be an inauspicious planet. According to the astrology if ‘Rahu’ is situated unfavorably in the horoscope then it causes many types of physical illness. It also causes obstacles in accomplishment of works and accidents.

Rahu can be appeased through devoted worship and chanting of Rahu mantra to prevent hidden enemies, wrong diagnosis of illness, deceit from those around us and negative energies from affecting well-being.

Mantra :- 
Om Chra Chachri Chro Sum Rahave Namah


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