Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Manipura Chakra

 The downward-pointing red triangle is located in a circle surrounded by ten petals.
Also called the solar plexus, manipura chakra is the seat of the fire within the body because this is the chakra of the life force.

 Manipura has an upward, consuming movement like flames.
Identification, recognition, immortality, longevity and power are the motivations of a third chakra person. Selfless loyalties to friends and family cease as the person acts only for himself.

  The seed mantra is Ram. The chakra's vital breath is Samana.

  The presiding deity of this chakra, Braddha Rudra, represents the power of destruction.
All that exists returns to him. He has camphor-blue skin and a silver beard, and sits in his wrathful form on a golden tiger skin symbolic of the tiger of the mind that dwells in the forest of desires, smeared with ashes.
The tiger represents manas, the mind.

Element: Fire

Shape: Triangle

Plane: Celestial plane

Sense: Sight

Sense Organ: Eyes

Work Organ: Feet and legs

Name: The city of Gems

Location: Solar Plexus

  The energy generated by him is Lakini Shakti, four-armed, three-faced. In one of her four hands she holds the thunderbolt, or vajra. In her second hand, she holds the arrow that is shot
from the bow of Kama, the Lord of Sex, in the second chakra. Her third hand holds fire. With the fourth hand Lakini Shakti forms the mudra (hand gesture) of granting boons and dispelling fear.

Sound: Rang

Nb of petals: 10

  The chakra's associated animal is the ram, vehicle of the fire-god Agni.

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