Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Malikapurathu Mata

This dance was witnessed by Lord Shiva and Mahavishnu from a place called Kalakatti. (It is said that Leela, daughter of Kavalan, a Maharishi, due to her husband's curse,was born as daughter of Karamban, with a face of Mahishi and freed herself from the curse and obtained Moksha by the grace of Shri Dharmasastha, which is described in Sabarimala Temple as Malikapurathu Amma, by which name she has a temple there)

Malikapuram temple at Sabarimala is dedicated to Malikapurathamma. The small temple is located on the right side of the main temple at sabarimala. There is an interesting story of Ayyappa and Malikapurathamma. The popular beleif is that Malikapurathamma is the beautiful woman that emerged from the body of Demon mahishi after a demon was annihilated by Lord Ayyappa.

After appearing from the body of demon Mahisha. Malikapurathamma made a request to Lord Ayyappa to marry her. But Malikapurathamma continued to plead to marry her and then Lord Ayyappa said that He will marry her when no Kanni Ayyappas or first time vistorsx comes to his shrine.

The first time vistitors, or Kannni Ayyappas, to the Ayyappa temple pierce sharakol, or arrow at sharamkutti on the way to the Sabarimala Temple. Every year Malikapurathamma is taken from Malikapuram temple to Sharamkutti in  a procession to know whether any Kannni Ayyappas have arrived. She returns back sadly after seeing thousands of Sharakols at Sharamkutti.

The most important puja and offering performed at the Malikapuram Temple is Bhagavati seva. Pattudayada (silk cloth), Pottu (Bindi), Chandu, Kanmashi (Kajal), and Vala (Bangles) are th other main offerings.

A unique ritual performed by Ayyappa devotees at Malikapuram Temple is the rolling of coconuts pr thengai uruttu.

The other shrines near Malikapuram Temple are that of Nagaraja, Navagrahas and Kochu Kadathu Swami. Mani Manadapam the place where Lord Ayyappa meditated before merging with main Murti in the Sabarimala Temple is also located here.

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