Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lord Laxman's Welcome to Hanumaan ji........

 After succses of "Ashwamedh Yagna " entire world was captured by Lord Rama & his brothers. Lord assign all his brothers different provinces to take care off. Laxman was appointed the as King of the province named as "Laxman Pur" now known as "Lucknow"capital city of Uttar Pradesh in India.
Once Lord Rama send Hanumaanji to see Laxman,it was a confidential visit,Laxman was given a hint of it.Month of "Jyeshtha(May-June)" & day of "Mangal (Tuesday)".
Lord Laxman decorated the entire Kingdom,as it was not certain that by which way Hanumaan ji may come,he did it on all the four Tuesday.He put water stalls along with sweets & Laddoos through out in the Kingdom,as Jyeshtha is the hottest month.To prevent Hanumaan ji from heatwave he erected Heat shelter along with shady trees in the kingdom..Hanumaan ji arrived on the last Tuesday of the month & surprised as well as elated to see the arrangements.After eating & enjoying the beauty of the City,he met Laxman ji, blessed the kingdom with boons.
Since then we in LUCKNOW,take the priviledge to mark the occaision by distributing the sweets,Laddoos along with various soft & cool drinks.It is considered a great “Punya” to dispense water & food on all four Tuesday.We celebrate the occaision as “ Barah Mangal”

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