Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lord krishna supreme.

one day, Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha was in deep meditation. Suddenly, he saw Lord Vishnu and Srimad Acharya in his heart. At the same time, Sri Vyaasa Tîrtha appeared in front of Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha and blessed him. Moments later, Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha saw the divine mother sitting on a lion, having many weapons in her hand and having a pleasing face. It was the divine mother Sri Mangalambike in front of Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha came to bless him. The divine mother blessed the saint, prophesizing that he would be victorious in the debate with Lingaraja. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha came to Kumbakonam and Sri Lingaraja came to know about it. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha and Lingaraja agree that the arguement be in the temple of Sri Kumbeswara. It was decided that if Lingaraja is defeated he has to stop forceful conversion of people into saivism and surrender all the property and management of the temples to Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha. If Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha is defeated, he would convert into a saivite and become a follower of Lingaraja. Lingaraja started the arguement by stateing that the Vedas have weakness and vedas were human composed . Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha very easily criticised Lingaraja by giving many proofs which showed that Vedas are true and that vedas are not composed by any one(ApouruSheyaa). Vedas are known by three words namely 'Veda', 'Shruthi' and 'Drushthi'. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha explained the meaning of these words as follows: Veda meaning 'Vedyatha ithe vedaha' which means Vedas are the ones that are understood, Shruthi meaning 'Shrooyatha ithe Shruthihi' which means that Vedas are the ones that are being heard and Drushthi meaning 'Drushyatha ithe Drushtihi' which means that vedas are the ones that are seen. So, Vedas are the ones that are understood, heard and seen and it is not composed by any one. This way, Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha proved his point that Vedas are 'ApouruSheyaa'.
Then came the topic who is supreme. Lingaraja with the help of Kourma, Lainga puranas started to state that Lord Shiva is the supreme and challenged Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha how he can prove that Sri Naaraayana is supreme. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha said although it is mentioned that Lord Shiva is supreme in puranas like Lainga, Kourma etc., this point is against the Shrutis and Saathvika puranas and so it is not true. Also, puranas like Lainga,Shaiva etc., are thamasik. Lingaraja became furious and demanded how Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha can prove that Lainga, Kourma puranas are Thamasik. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha gave proof by stateing that this division (Saathvik, Raajasik and Thaamasik) is done by Sri Veda Vyaasa himself who is the authority said as follows.
Vaishnavam Naaradeeyam Cha thatha Bhagavatham Shubham Garudam Cha thatha Paadmam Varaaham Shubha Darshane ShaDeThani Puranaani Saathvikaani Mathaani why Bramhaandam BrahmaVaivartham Maarkaandaiyam thathaiva cha BhavidhshyadhVaamanam Braamham Raajasaani Nibhodhamae Maathsyam Kourmam thatha Laingam Shaivam Skaandam Thathaiva cha AagnaeYam cha ShaDethani Thaamasa NirayaPradaha
which means that there are six puranas that are Saathvik. These puranas are Vishnu, Naarada, Bhaagavatha, Garuda, Padma and Varaaha. The Raajasik puranas are Bramhaanda, BramhaVaivartha, Maarkaandaeya, Bhavishyothara, Vaamana and Bramha. The six thamasik puranas are Maathsya, Kourma, Lainga, Skaanda, Shaiva and Aagnaeya.
Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha also mentioned that the Smruthi Shaastras are of three kinds Saathvika, Raajasa and Thamasa. The judges got convinced about the proof given by Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha and told Lingaraja that the proof has been given. The judges continued to state that since the debate was based on Shastras and only texts that can be believed are the Saatvika ones, so, as per the Shrutis and Saatvika Puranas, Sri Naaraayana is the Supreme (Sri Hari Sarvothamma) and Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha is correct in this arguement.
Lingaraja now turned the point towards Lord Narasimha. He started telling that Lord Narasimha was defeated by Sri Veera Bhadra. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha criticized this by stateing that the information about Lord Narasimha being defeated by Lord Veera Bhadra is in Skaanda Puraana. Skaanda puraana is Thamasik and hence cannot be taken as a proof. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha very cleverly solved this point by quoteing that in Shaiva puraana, it is mentioned that Lord Rudra in the form of Sharabha defeats Lord Narasimha. But, in Skaanda puraana, it is mentioned that Lord Veera Bhadra defeats Lord Narasimha. So, who defeated Lord Narasimha? Is it Lord Rudra or Lord Veera Bhadra? If you say it is Lord Rudra then, it is against Shaiva puraana. If you say it is Lord Rudra then it is against Skaanda Puraana. Lingaraja's argument was based on the Thamasa puranas and Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha created a suspision in Lingaraja's argument. Lingaraja became so confused and all the people who were watching the argument were amazed at the way Sri Vijayîndra Tiirtha disproved Lingaraja's point by creating this suspision. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha continued further and said that the authentic information is only in Saatvika puranas and since Lingaraja's point is based on Thamasik puranaas which is against various Shrutis, Smrutis and Saatvika puranas, it is a bluder to tell that Lord Narasimha was defeated by Lord Rudra or Lord Veera Bhadra. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha described Lord Narasimha as 'Narasimhasya KaeValam Jyothireka ManaaDyantam' which means that Lord Narasimha is Infinite and who has no destruction. For the one who is infinite and who is undestructable, how can it have an end? So, as mentioned in the Saatvika puranas, Lord Narasimha destroyed Sharabha. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha gave one more proof from a Shruthi as 'Harim Harantha Manuyanthi VishVasyeeShaanam VrushaBham Matheenaam' which means that Lord Rudra who is praised by 'Eeshaana' word was destroyed by Lord Hari(i.e. Lord Narasimha). Also, the Smruthi states that
BramhaanaMindram RudramCha Yamam Varunamaevacha| Nihasya Harathe YasmaaThasMyaaDharereHoochayathe||
Which means that Lord Bramha, Lord Indra, Lord Rudra, Lord Yama, Lord Varuna get destroyed by Lord Hari (i.e. Lord Narasimha) during the Pralaya period. This means that Lord Hari is the supreme(Sarvothamma), Lord Hari is the creator, Protector and destroyer of these worlds, Lord Hari is the ParaBramha as mentioned in the Vedas, Shrutis, Smrutis and Puraanas.
This way the argument went for many days, and everyday, Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha turned out to be the winner and all the points that Lingaraja upheld were very easily turn down by Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha. At last, Lingaraja became speechless and accepted the defeat by bowing his head.

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