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Lord Hayagriva

Lord Hayagriva

by Mantra & shlokas on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 1:00pm

Sri Laxmi Hayagriva avataram of Sriman Naarayaana is the foremost of all the avatarams, although not included in the popular dashaavataaram. However, this avataram is of great significance. Sriman Narayana took this avataram to rescue the Vedas that were lost by Brahma to the asuras, Madhu and Kaitabha. Lord appeared in the form of Sri Hayagriva (Horse-faced) and rescued the Veda so that the process of creation of the world can continue. Sri Laxmi Hayagriva is the Lord of all knowledge and enlightenment. ('aadhaaram sarva vidyaanaaam hayagrivam upaasmahe') It is said that one becomes wise and erudite, worshipping Lord Laxmi Hayagriva.

Regarding the temples of Sri Laxmi Hayagriva, Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Matham of Mysore ( is the most prominent of all the institutions that has Sri Hayagriva as the archa murthy. When Bhagavan Ramanuja submitted His SriBhashyam, commentaries on BrahmaSutras, at the Saraswati Peetham in Kashmir, Goddess Saraswati appeared to Him and presented the vigraham of Lord Laxmi Hayagriva. Legend has it that the Goddess Saraswati used the same idol during Her worship to PerumaL. This vigraham was passed on through the illustrious Acharya Paramapara and was presented to Swamy Sri Vedanta Desikan, whose Thirunakshatram celebrations are underway all over the world. In his later years, Swamy Desikan appointed his disciple, Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Jeer, as the first Jeer of Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Matham after establishing it and installed the vigraham for daily worship.

If one visits the Sri Parakala Matham in Mysore, one can have the darshanam of the same vigraham. While having the darshanam, reflecting for just a fraction of a second on the fact that that it is the same vigraham that was once worshipped by Goddess Saraswati, Bhagavan Ramanuja and Swamy Sri Vedanta Desikan, is quite overwhelming and can drown us in emotions....

There are several other and very important places where Sri Laxmi Hayagriva darshanam can be had.

1) When Swamy Desikan meditated upon Garuda at Thiruvahiindrapuram, He recieved the darshanam of Sri Garuda who presented him with the archa vigraham


of Yogaasikaa Hayagriva and initiated Swamy Desikan into Sri Hayagriva Mantram. Swamy Desikan started to meditate upon Sri Hayagriva with the help of Sri Hayagriva Mantram. The Lord appeared to Swamy Desikan and instantly, the 20-odd-year old Sri Venkatanaathan, ascended to the stage of an Acharya, endowed with infinite knowledge! We all know about the contributions of Swamy Desikan to the philosophy of SriVishitaadvaita and His convincing wins over all the philosophical and logical debates in this subject, true to his title, 'kavitaarkika simha'.

2) Sri Laxmi Hayagriva is also the presiding deity of Sri Poundareekapuram Andavan Ashramam and His darshanam can also be had in any of the following places: Sri Ahobila Matham in India, Sri Ranganaatha Swamy Temple in Pomona, NY, Sri Hayagriva temple at Hajo in Assam, near Guwahati etc and may be many more

Sri Hayagriva Stotram --------------------- This is a beautiful composition of Swamy Vedanta Desikan. It is believed that for the sake of all mankind, Swamy Desikan has woven the most sacred Sri Hayagriva Mantram, into Sri Hayagriva Stotram. Traditionally, the first verse of Sri Hayagriva Stotram is used teach children in the ritual of Vidyaabhaasam ('jny~aanaananda mayam devam nirmala sphaTikaakR^itim, aadhaaram sarva vidyaanaam, hayagrivamupaasmahe').

PURPOSE AND USE ----------------- This stotram can be recited by ANYONE. The only purpose of ANY act of a Sri Vaishnava should be to praise the Glory of Lord. One should not recite any stotram for one's own benefit/pleasure/gain. Stotras such as Sri Hayagriva Stotram are recited so that one may reflect upon the divya mangaLa swaroopam of Sri Laxmi Hayagriva. When done without expecting/desiring/asking for any gains, one is automatically blessed with knowledge that can be used to praise His Glory in a better fashion! During the times of struggle and fear, Swamy Desikan's Abhitistavam can be recited so that we may seek refuge at His Divine Lotus Feet, so that we may get rid of this fear and continue our contemplation of PerumaL's ananta kalyaana gunas.

To understand the meaning and beauty of Sri Hayagriva Stotram, please visit the web site of Sri Parakala Matham at and after reading about our Lord and the Matham, you can also read and enjoy the beautiful translations of this stotram by Sri Sadagopan that are housed here.

Sri Laxmi Hayagriva Parabrahmane Nama:

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