Thursday, 7 July 2011

Laxman's dilemma

After Ravana was killed, Ram, and Laxman were talking of all that had happened and taking stock of the situation.
Ram: said to Laxman “I am very displeased with you. You disobeyed me. I did not expect this from you.”

Laxman to Ram: “What did I do? What are you talking about? I cannot imagine disobeying you even in my dreams.”

Ram: “I had specifically told you to take care of Sita and not to leave her alone even for a moment, did I not? But you betrayed my trust and see what happened. Sita had to go through a lot, see what we all went through. Brother Jatayu was killed trying to save Sita. There was destruction on both sides. It is sad that so many people lost their lives. If you had obeyed me, none of this would have happened. I am not happy with you.”

Laxman: “I was in dharma sankat. I had two orders to follow. One from you and another from Ma Sita. You ordered me not to leave Ma Sita and Ma Sita ordered me to go and save you. Both orders were contradictory. There was no way I could follow both. If I obey you, I disobey Ma Sita and if I obey her, I disobey you. I was in a real dilemma. Then I thought that in our shastras (scriptures), mother comes first. You will forgive me for this, but no body says RamSita, people say SitaRam. Mother first. ‘Matru devo bhava’ first and then ‘Pitru devo bhava’. Parents are called ‘matpita’ and not ‘pitamata’. Here too mother comes first and I consider Sita my mother. Her order came first by virtue of her being my mother. So I obeyed her against my wishes, even at the cost of bringing upon myself your wrath...”

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