Friday, 1 July 2011

Lakshmi & Shiva Shakti:

Yet another night i had visions of several gods. I was in what appeared to be a Vaishanvite temple and kept hearing the word Narasimha very often. These deities were either taking their turn for a parade outside the temple or where  each receiving a bath and alankaram. Just to re-in-force my dream, i remember going to a huge educational institution and was waiting for a women I haven't even met before called ‘Lakshmi’.  I woke up feeling like I was awake the whole night watching the proceedings at a temple that I had no memory of, except for seeing several beautiful decked Gods & Goddesses. Late the following morning, I decided to do Yoga Nidra.
This mostly leads to some interesting experiences every time i indulge in some Yoga Nidra. I was asking for blessings for some of the projects that I was working on and soon after kept repeating the thoughts - ‘Who am I and Why am I here?’  I saw myself as a small child, opening the door to a woman who was even taller than the door itself. She was wearing a beautiful white saree and as I opened the door, She merged into me. I had many more thoughts that I couldnt recover when I woke up, however this was was very distinct in my mind. A few seconds before i woke up, I saw a very beautiful picture - again white in color of what appeared to be Shiva-Shakti - both sitting together, with thier sides turned to my left - i guess looking West?  However they were also completely White and there were several sanskrit alphabets covering every aspect of their form. My Yoga Nidra cd stopped playing and I woke up with these thoughts. The first thought with the white lady was - gosh.. did i see a ghost? I mean what happened? Then I told myself, well since She was wearing White, it could have been Goddess Saraswati. I was very happy to have seen Divine Mother and Shiva in various forms. As I sat down to do some work, I was prompted to go and listen to some Lakshmi related songs on Youtube. I had recieved several songs on the website that were in words and I have not been lucky to find a CD or Youtube video of these except for the Sri Stuthi... So I decided to listen to the Sri Stuthi again. 
Sri Stuthi - a beautiful song on MahaLakshmi

As I was listening, I was prompted to click on another video of what appeared to be a song for ‘Padmavati Thayar’, so I decided to listen to it. I was just mesmerised by the beautiful song, however more importantly, I saw Goddess Laksmi dressed in a White saree, receving Pal, thair abhishekam, making Her look completely White, just as I had encountered in my experience a few minutes ago! Totally shocked and overwhelmed by gratitude for a dream the prior night and a vision the next morning that converted itself to a tangible song and form of Divine Mother, that I can share with the world! What an extraordinary gift! She has been asking me repeatedly to share this Bliss with everyone! I have also been reminded to create some recitation vidoes of the beautiful songs She found me last year before Varalakshmi Puja. Her grace willing, this will happen soon.
Ksheerabdhi kanyakaku, a song dedicated to Maha Lakshmi (alamelu manga) composed by sage annamacharya, sung by MS Subbalakshmi

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