Saturday, 2 July 2011

Kartik Poonam Festivals-The Auspicious Day

Kartik Poornima is the most auspicious day for Hindus. Popularly known as Devdiwali ,on this full moon day many fairs are held in the country. People take a holy dip into the river or lake and try to pure themselves. Even for Jains kartik poonam is the most auspicious day when Patdarshan are held in most of the Jain temples-derasar.Yatra to Palitana ,the most holy jain religious place starts on this day . Thousands of devout jains come to palitana and do padyatra to shatrunjaya hill on this day. This is an official date to star t yatra when jain monks-Sadhus start their vihara after monsoon rest. Five days before kartik Poornima day Parikrama to Girnar hill starts at Junagadh which last s till kartikpoonam day.This parikrama which is now on its way is attended by thousands of pilgrims.

Vautha . shamlaji ,Somnath are some other religious places which celebrate kartik poornima fair with fun and geity .The fair here starts two to three days before the kartik poornima and ends on full moon day. Vautha fair is more a cattle fair like famous Pushkar fair and thousands of cattle are brought here for trade . The livestock include mainly donkeys which are painted with colour and decorated.The other cattles are also brought in thousands of numbers which include camels to the fair ground ,near the confluence of seven tributaries of the river Sabarmati for trade. On the day of full moon night pilgrims take dips in the holy river confluence ,give offerings to the river and pray at the site that is associated with kartikeya , the son of Lord shiva. handicraft stall s , food stalls tented camps etc come up during the fair at these places. At Shamlaji many tribals also attend the festival for religious purposes pray in the temple of lord krishna and take a holy dip in the river do offerings. At somnath people take a dip in the sea and give offerings.

All these sites are located in Gujarat which are visited by lakhs of people on this full moon day.Kartik poornima festival s has religious and cultural importance. These are the festival s for fun and frolic .One must visit ,remember and enjoy them in ones lifetime

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