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JagatGuru Sri Adi shankara Acharaya & the Devi Sri Mookambika

JagatGuru Sri Adi shankara Acharaya & the Devi Sri Mookambika

by Mantra & shlokas on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 12:55pm

The story thus goes in very intresting way One Auspicious day Adi Sankara reached Kollur. The Kudajagiri was the place Sankara chose to offer penance to Mookambika, which was a dense forest at that time. Devi was pleased by the prayers of Sankara and asked him of his needs. Sankara had an intention to bring Devi from Kollur to Kerala. Devi told sankara that she will follow him where ever he goes but he should never look back once he started the journey. Sankara got thrilled after hearing this, soon started his travel and could distinctly hear the sound of chilambu(ornament worn on the lower leg by women – usually dancers) which was the only indication that Devi was following him. When he reached near the present day temple premises, he couldn’t hear the sound anymore and turned around. According to the treaty, Devi stopped there and Sri Adi Shankara although disappointed, soon installed a panchaloha idol upon sree chakra and enshrined Devi near the age-old Jyotir Linga.

he idol of Mookambika is in a seated posture, bearing the conch and the discus. Also enshrined near this image are those of Mahakali and Saraswathi. There are also shrines to Veerabhadra, Subramanya, Naga, Panjamugha Ganapathi(five-faced ganapathi) and Anjaneya. Veerabhadra is worshipped first by devotees before entering the shrine to Mookambika.

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