Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Is hanuman still alive?

think there are seven immortals. The seven immortals reflect seven eternal values. They are:1. Aswathama (consequences of unethical behaviour)
2. Bali (valour and charity)
3. Vyas (continuity of erudition, scholarship and the apotheosis of the writer as the ultimate visionary)
4. Hanuman (selflessness, courage, devotion, energy, strength and righteous conduct)
5. Vibhishana (righteousness and unshakable faith)
6. Kripacharya (impartial teacher unlike Drona who favoured Arjuna)
7. Parashuram (humility despite being all powerful and courage to admit mistakes).

When Rama left to heavenly abode, all those who were close to him too left with him, but Hanuman preferred to stay back here as he felt that Rama Nama is so sweet than the heaven. He is one of the seven immortals and he was blessed with this immortality by Seetha. More over, he will be the Brahma of next manvantra. (We are in the Vyvasvatha Manvantra).

hanuman ji still alive as he is orderd by seeta ji to remain on earth therfore whenever aarti is going on at any temple we just leave space from door to the idol for the entry of god.

you can also feel it at the gaibi hanuman temple at ujjain

Yes, Still Hanuman will be alive. Because a section in Ramayana says that when Rama sent Hanuman to find Seeta. Hanuman found her in Sri lanka, by the time Hanuman saw her she was about to die of grief. Soon, Hanuman understood the situation and declared himself as the follower of Lord Rama and further informed that Rama will soon rescue her within a month. Seeta on hearing this was delighted and blessed Hanuman to be alive on the earth, till the earth gets destroys.So ,H

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