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Indrakshi or Nagapooshani Amman

Indrakshi or Nagapooshani Amman

by Mantra & shlokas on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 5:21pm

'Naga Pooshani' - Serpent God.
'Nagapooshani' is a sankrit word which can be split into two different words namely “Nagam” - “Snake” and “Pooshan” - “Jewel”. Since she wears the snakes as her aabaranam or jewel she is popularly called as Naagapoosani Ambal. She is also known by the name Nagamani Amman meaning one who wears snakes as her necklace. She cures all naaga dhosham and gives wealth to those who worship her with faith. She is the main deity in the Nagapoosani temple(Nainatheevu) in Jaffna, where she is represented as an ancient 5 headed cobra. This temple was built by the Nagas

Goddess Indrakshi is a form of Mahalakshmi, enchantress of the universe. She is also part of the creator as Brahmani, part of Vishnu as Narayani, part of Shiva as Rudrani, part of Krishna as Krishna Pingala and the terror goddess Bhadra Kali. She is golden colored and resides in half the body of Shiva.
Indrakshi is the ancient Devi of Lanka Pitha (at Nellore, in Sri Lanka), where her Bhairava is Rakshaseshvara, and the Lord of Rakshas is surely Rudra.

Indrakshi Mala
Possessing an Indrakshi Mala is like having entire Universe with you.

The Indrakshi mala is made up of one bead each of mukhis from 1 mukhi till 21 mukhi according to the description in Katyani Purana. It is a rare possession and only few fortunate persons in the world possess this combination. Ancient texts say that possessing this mala is like having entire Universe with you. Made in Heavy Gold with Gold Caps this Indrakshi Mala would be worshipped by a Community Leader to help manifest projects and programs for the well being of others and their own Families also. The wearer of Indrakshi mala becomes "Ichadhari" meaning whatever he desires, becomes reality. On seeing the wearer of this mala all evils, negativity and negative forces are dispelled. Gayatri Devi in all Her forms resides in this mala.

Indrakshi Devi Stotram
Sage Narada during one of his visits to Vaikunta asked Lord Narayana for the reason why whiles Devas and Asuras are healthy by nature, human beings suffer these numerous diseases. Then lord Narayana taught him the Indrakshi sthothra. He told Narada that by reciting this Sthothra, one can lead a disease free happy life. Sage narada taught it to Indra, who in turn taught it to Sage Purandara.who made it known to the world. Chanting Indrakshi Stotram will also bestow one with long life, health, wealth and avoid untimely death.

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