Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hayagriva Lakshmi

This Secret Mantra is known as Hayagriva Lakshmi Stotram or Hrudaya Lakshmi Stotram given by Brahmanda Guruji Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji in his Bruhat Brahmanda programmes telecasted in Zee Kannada Channel. This mantras were used by Ravana and by Lord Venkateshwara (Vakula Devi recited this mantra to Lord Venkateshwara) to get Lakshmi. According to Guruji Lakshmi is not money, it is aim.

Sloka/Mantra (a) (Lord Shiva Hamsha):

"Om Namo Bhagavate Sharabaya
Jwala Jwala Prajwala Prajwala
Sahaya Sahaya Raksha Raksha
Om Namo Sarva Bhutebyo
Om Shat Swaha"

Sloka/Mantra (b) (Lord Vishnu Hamsha):

"Om Hari Om Raksha Raksha
Triloka Mohini Sarva Mukha Vilashini
Sarva Athmavum, Sthrivum, Purushanum, Sarva Shatruvum
En Vashamai NirakaShivam"

These Slokas should be chanted 9 times a day.
While chating have 9 flowers and Mantra Akshata.
After chanting each mantra, offer akshata (rice) with flowers to God.
But offer/put flowers on god and put akshata in seperate plate, so that you can take it and collect it in a small container.
You can use this akshata for cooking and you can shower (2 rice is sufficient) on your head when you leave home every day.
One can follow this for any type of Karya siddhi.
It is also called as Siddhi Mantra.
One can follow it for 9 weeks or 9 months or till you get success.

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