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Is hanuman still alive?

<span>I think there are seven immortals. The seven immortals reflect seven eternal values.

They are:
1. Aswathama (consequences of unethical behaviour)
2. Bali (valour and charity)
3. Vyas (continuity of erudition, scholarship and the apotheosis of the writer as the ultimate visionary)
4. Hanuman (selflessness, courage, devotion, energy, strength and righteous conduct)
5. Vibhishana (righteousness and unshakable faith)
6. Kripacharya (impartial teacher unlike Drona who favoured Arjuna)
7. Parashuram (humility despite being all powerful and courage to admit mistakes).</span>
<span>When Rama left to heavenly abode, all those who were close to him too left with him, but Hanuman preferred to stay back here as he felt that Rama Nama is so sweet than the heaven. He is one of the seven immortals and he was blessed with this immortality by Seetha. More over, he will be the Brahma of next manvantra. (We are in the Vyvasvatha Manvantra). </span>

<span>hanuman ji still alive as he is orderd by seeta ji to remain on earth therfore whenever aarti is going on at any temple we just leave space from door to the idol for the entry of god. </span>

you can also feel it at the gaibi hanuman temple at ujjain

Well People says about Himalayas related to the Hindu religion.It is also believed that the god Hanuman has got the power of immortality by the god Rama so as to prevent the bad to rise in this world.So it is said that the lord Hanuman still lives in the caves somewhere in Himalayas and the people who has seen the lord dies at the very moment.
One more significance of the Himalayas is that, the goddess Parvati - wife of lord Shiva is the daughter of Himalayas and hence she was known as Himalaya-Putri.The river Ganga which is held in the hair of lord Shiva also starts from this great mountain Himalayas only.
</span>The most important significance is that, the lord Shiva Chants his mantras(Tapasya) in Himalayas only and so Hindu people believe that the lord still stays there and go there in search of lord Shiva.

<span>Himalayas, is regarded as the abode of Lord Shiva. He rules the entire universe from there (according to Hindu religion).

The mountain Himalayas have a peak named Kailash and the lake there is the Mansarovar and from this lake, the river Ganges starts its journey.
According to geography and science, Himalayas are considered to be the youngest mountain range of the world, but we see lots of references of Himalayas in Ramayana (lord Hanuman got the Sanjeevi mountain from Himalayas where he went in search of it). Ravana sung Samaveda to pacify lord Shiva and to get his hands out from under the Himalayas when he tried to lift it. (Lord Shiva is said to have pushed the mountain with just his big finger on his right foot).
According to Hindu religion, the mountain himalayas itself is worshiped as the king of mountains. He is the father of Shakthi when she was Hymavathi (daughter of Himavan). Lot of temples, lot of holy places, rivers all are in Himalayas. Even now people who go on yatra to Amarnath or Badrinath or even to Mount Kailash say that they have seen lots of Rishis and saints doing tapasya in the caves of Himalayas.

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