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Grah Devta as per Lal Kitab

Grah Devta as per Lal Kitab
Lord Vishnu - SUN                      Lord Shiva - MOON                   Lord Hanuman - MARS
Godess Durga - MERCURY          Lord Brahma - JUPITER            Godess Lakshmi - VENUS
Baba Bhairon - SATURN               Godess Saraswati - RAHU           Lord Ganesha - KETU
The list of Lal Kitab remedies is as follows:
Remedies as given for Pitri - Rin
ü Do not accept charity or help from any body. Have faith on your own luck.
ü Fill the pit on the road, in front of your house.
ü Apply tilak or kesar or Haldi.
ü Durga Pujan or give sweets to the girls and obtain their blessings.
ü Service of elders.
ü Do not take bath in front of any body.
ü Going to the places of worship and doing puja.
ü Obtain the blessings of Family Priest.
ü Do business with your own children or on their advice.
ü Speak the truth, be religious.
ü Gold or golden ornaments be kept tied in a yellow cloth.
ü Maintain good moral character.
ü Instal a hand pump in the ancestral house.
ü Feed the blind.
ü Wear white cap or turban.
ü Drop a copper coin in a river.
ü Silver brick be buried in the foundation of the house.
ü Do Kanya daan.
ü Feed the monkeys.

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