Monday, 4 July 2011

Goddess Laxmi

1.4.1 Why Goddess Laxmi presses the feet of God?

Goddess Lakshmi presents an example of an ideal spouse before the world. The supreme duty of a woman is
described in the service of her husband. Second aspect of the message is for the people who want to get rich,
that if they want the wealth, they must develop a devotion for the feet of Narayana, for Lakshmi (Goddess of
wealth) is to be found there and no where else.

1.4.2 Reason for Liquidity of Laxmi

The better half of Lord Vishnu can never be freakish, because Satoguna is the main virtue of Lord Vishnu. In the proxmity of God whose main virtue is Satoguna, no one can remain freakish. But the material wealth, that is Gold, and silver, have mobility as their main virtue. Thus the rich people who have these wealths may be freakish, but not Lakshmi the beloved of God Vishnu.

1.4.3 Why is the owl the vehicle of Laxmi?

Owl is the vehicle of goddess Lakshmi. An owl can't see in the day, Hence, Lakshmi visits the house of those
devotees who only worship her, on her vehicle owl. And she visits the home of those devotees who worship Lord Vishnu first and then her, with Vishnu riding his vehicle Garuda.

It also implies that at places where black – money is main, Lakshmi rides an owl. Such a wealth can't be put in the service of nation, people religion etc, or in any worthy task, instead it is squandered in abhorant deeds. Since owl is a bird that sees in the darkness alone, and darkness symbolizes ignorance. Because of ignorance, money is generated in wrong ways and spent in wrong deeds. Thus owl is a symbol of black money and misdeeds.

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