Saturday, 16 July 2011

Goddess Jyeshta Devi.

here is help from a secret Goddess who has been hidden from us. Her name is Jyeshta Devi. Jyeshta Devi is the older sister of Lakshmi and she keeps misfortune away. According to Vedic mythology, the Lord of Kali Yuga (our current age) hid Jyeshta Devi from people so that they undergo various lessons and obtain salvation in due course. But this is changing, and out of compassion, he is revealing her so we can renew our worship of the Goddess and re-discover the prosperity which was available to all during the previous Yugas. Even during the previous Yuga referred to as ' Dwapara Yuga', people worshipped this Goddess to tide over severe famines and to live with abundant prosperity and happiness.

Jyeshta Devi Origin:

Legend has it that the mythological milky ocean was churned by the devas and demons. They were in search of the divine nectar which will give them immortality. The radiant and beautiful symbol of prosperity, Lakshmi, sprung out of this milky ocean. It is said that Jyeshta Devi came out even before Lakshmi and hence she is considered the older sister of Lakshmi.

What will happen if you worship Jyeshta Devi?

You will avoid losses in business and receive money, if you worship Jyeshta Devi. She is one Goddess capable of providing great wealth which could be enjoyed. This is possible as she drives out the misfortune that strikes individuals and organizations on a daily basis. Offer your prayers to the virtually unknown yet very powerful Jyeshta Devi and protect yourself and your family from "64" types of misfortunes.
Ways to worship Jyeshta Devi :
A very ancient temple in Kancipuram by name Brahmapureeswarar temple is known for Jyeshta Devi worship. There is a very large Ganesha by the name 'Motta Ganesha' in this temple. It is said that Jyeshta Devi is very fond of Ganeshas and literally offers her worship every day to this Ganesha. Siddhas have also specified specific days when the worship bears fruit. These special days are called "Tri-Thina-Spuruk" in Vedic terms and refers to days when three stars or nakshatras are seen in a day. This is very rare but is considered very auspicious for Jyeshta devi worship. Apart from these special days Sundays are also considered important for Jyesta Devi worship. According to Siddhas, these are precisely days when you can worship Jyeshta devi and drive out your misfortunes. you can do Jyeshta Devi vratam also .it is alabhya vratam.


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    does Jyeshta nakshatra has any relation ship with Jyeshta devi??

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    my sis born in Jyeshta nakshatra,
    In our family, we have so many financial issues since her birth,
    do you have any remedy / poojas to resolve our financial problems?

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