Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The glory of Annadaana

Anna daanaat param daaann na butham na bhavishyati
Naatra paatra vichaa roshti nakaala niyamastaa

Among all the virtues annadaana is the highest virtue.

Annam prajapathi sakshat Vishnu shiva swayam
Tasmaat anna samam daanam na bhutham na bhavisyati

“there is no virtue like annadaana. Among all the various daanas annadaana is the most highest.’ . its verily the form of shiva and Vishnu

The merits of performing severe tapas, millions of japa and devata pujana are attain by just feeding a hungry person. The person who feeds the needy is like a person who gave them life.

Every single anna (rice ) contain in the food given to the poor and the needy will destroy the sin done in one birth!

The vedaas hail anna (food) as the form of Brahman as it’s the source of life. ( annam bramhethi vyajaanaat)This can be seen in thaitiriya Upanishad

Gaja duraga sahasram gokulam koti daanam
Kanakha rajata paatram medhini sakharantham
Upaya kula vishuddham koti kanya pradaanam
Nahi nahi bahu daanam annadaanam samaapa

The merit obtained by doing one single annadaana cannot be compared even to the daana phala of thousand elephants, horses and cattels, by giving a way thousands of gifts made of gold and silver, by giving the whole land and sea on earth, by conducting kanya daana (wedding) for 1 crore kanyas.
This shows the greatness of annadaana.

Annadaana is a very important part in mantra purascarana . where one has to perform dashamsa homa, dashamsa tarpana and dashamsa annadaana. Without annadaana mantra siddhi is not achieveable and the purascarana is incomplete.the whole benefit of the mantra siddhi is obtained through this annadaana. The reason behind this is, annadaana removes the shortcomings in the purascarana karma and makes it removes the bakti lobha, mantra lobha and kriya lobha.. And bestows perfection.

Our guruji always say “…. If u ask me whether a person who has done millions of japa and did severe tapas is higher or the person who has fed 100 people in his lifetime….. the answer will be the person who fed the 100 persons”

all the punya phalas promised in the scriptures are attained easily by feeding the poors and the sadhus. Normal persons who don’t know how to do worship, japa etc can get the similar benefit in multiple folds by just feeding the needy and the sadhus.

If u give money to a person he will not be satisfied, if u give gold, vastra etc… still the same…. He will want more…….but he can only eat until his stomach gets full. He himself will say enough and goes home satisfied.

Feeding the sadhus and shiva baktas ia a great blessings for mankind. Its like feeding shiva himself , as they are the human form of shiva. Its very rare to get an opportunity to feed a holy men. If got…. It shouldn’t be missed. Feeding a holy men can remove all our obstacles in life and spiritual path, and it blesses with wisdom. All past karmas are washed away the moment you feed a sadhu. Thats the power of annadaana!

Annapoorne sadha purne sankara praana vallabhe nyana vairagya siddhyartham biksham dhehi cha parvathi!

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