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Garuda Puran

In chapter 10, methods of cremation of Holy Atman is narrated. What is importance of Sati Kirya ( Wife immolates herself in the pyre of her husband). In Chapter 11 methods of Dashgatra are explained. In Chapter 12 importance of eleven day ceremony and year long pind Kirya is explained . Pisasch, Raksash,Yaksh names to be understood. What is Panchak?

Garuda Puran Sinner remodifying
Sinner or Papi

I am writing actions ,which are responsible to take person to hell as per Garuda Puran.  Definition of good or bad changes with the time or 10 to 100 years.

Sinner gets mental, or and physical sickness in this birth and go to hell after death.

One hell is known as Asipatravan , which is 2000 Yojan area.

Actions which are known to be sins as per Garuda Puran are

1.o  association of bad (Dusht), self praising, proudy, bad utilization of  money and power,always busy to satisfy desires, always busy in sex or blind for sex, did not serve saints , cheated others, not trustworthy, not appreciating good points of others, jealous from intelligent persons, abusing teachers, holy places or books or people, not listening to Vedas or Shashtras, after promising did not give gift to brahmins, taking job of others for his personal gains , occupying other land or house or nation, husband of prostitute or bathroom cleaning women (Brahmin husband of Shudrawomen ), non vegetarian, shudra reading shashtra, shudra wearing brahmen rope (Yagyopweet), telling lie in the court, who does not care of orphans,

2.0 No donation, doing no Yagya, no worshipping of brahmin or scientists or intelligent teachers, did not donate black cow, no kindness to poor, cheating friends, Misers,

3.0 did not construct ponds of water for animals, did not try to feed brahmin or scientist or intelligent persons,did not feed cows, destruct temple , cutting of trees, miser, making or selling of Dhanush or Baan ,

4.0 did not listen to religious books like vedas or shashtras, drank beer, whisky, rum, vodka or alcohol, bhang , charas, heroin etc, who insults father, mother, teacher, and respected persons, who does not feed children or women, or elders, who feel happy with the others suffering,

5.0 killed brahmins or children or women, doing sin secretly, killed others by giving poisnous food to others, Killer of birds or animals,

5.0 Ladies,who did not obey their husbands, served more than one husband, after death of husband did not lead sacrificial life, did not remain without food on certain days, having sex with many men or women, killing husband, sex with divorcee,  sex during Shradh or in water or during holy days, selling or prchasing of children or women. Ladies who cheats their husband, prostitutes,

Sufferings are described as

1.0  Atman of Sinners or bad Bio Machines are kept at air temperatures as cold as ice, or minus 100 degree centigrades. thorn pricking, bitten by poisonous snakes, eaten by Lion, dogs, foxes, bitten by scorpion, Falling from mountains height, falling on thorns, in well, or in river, bio machines are kept in sand burning like fire, beaten with copper sticks  hot like fire, kept in ponds full of blood and mawad or pus , or in a river full of dirty hair,

2.0   Sinners are tied by ropes, hanged on trees with their face towards down, fried like chicken, their body is eaten by vultures, taken with ropes which are pierced in nose or ears, or neck , beaten by iron rods or wooden heavy rods, these sinner's Atman is taken by fearful faces and red red eyes black dirty faces of servants of God of death. Why are these people considered fearful? I do not know.

All this is written in Garuda Puran to create fear psychosis to obey the intelligent people for peace of society.

Chapter 10

Krishna explains methods to perform last rites for the son for his parents or grand parents. After death of parents one should cut one's head hairs. Person who dies during Panchak does not get peace.Dhanishta Star to Rewati Star are known as Panchak Star. It is known that if any person who dies during this Panchak,is not good for the family left behind. To overcome this bad effect, one should make 5 dead bodies with the help of Kusha Grass and should be burnt along with dead body.

Chapter 11 and 12

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