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What does Ganesha Mean in Sanskrit?

GANA in Sanskrit means 'multitude'and 'ISHA' means Lord. GANESH therefore literally means 'THE LORD OF ALL BEINGS'.
Ganesha is the first son of Lord Shiva. Shiva represents the supreme Reality. Ganesha symbolise's one who has realised the Reality. One who has discovered the godhood in him. Such a man is said to be the lord of all beings. Ganesha is known by other names as well. Ganapati, Gajanana, vinayaka, Vighneshwara. Gajanana means 'elephant-faced' Gaja-elephant. Ganesha has four arms. The four arms represent the four inner equipment's of the subtle body, namely mind, intellect, ego and conditioned-consciousness. In one hand he holds an axe and in another a rope. The axe symbolise's the destruction of all desires and attachments and their consequent agitation's and sorrows. The rope is meant to pull the seeker out of his worldly entanglements and bind him to the everlasting and enduring bliss of his own Self.

 Why is Gajanan called the Lord of intellect, higher knowledge, wisdom and prosperity?

There is a delightful story about a contest between Lord Ganesha and his brother, Kartikeya. Kartikeya was very proud of his mount, the peacock, and his own speed and efficiency. He challenged Lord Ganesha to a race which would involve encircling the world three times. Lord Shiva signaled to indicate that the race had begun. Kartikeya immediatly climbed atop his peacock and left to circle the whole world. Ganpati just smiled. He encircled Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati thrice. When Kartikeya came back to Mount Kailash, he was very surprised to find Ganpati there. Ganpati told him that ones parents are one's own world and encircling them means encircling the world. He had thus won the race.

 What do you know about Ganesha's body structure?

Ganapati is a Lord of intellect and higher knowledge. Each part of Lord Ganesh symbolizes the intellect:- The big ears, nose, small eyes, big belly and head are the signs of a "MAHAPURUSH." The 'Big Head' symbolizes lots of knowledge. The 'Big Ears' symbolizes the ability to hear well and that listening makes you a better person. 'Small Eyes' symbolizes the ability to see the future and the reality instead of the fake outside. 'Big Trunk' symbolizes the ability to smell good and the bad in the person from far away. The Large belly is meant to convey that a man of perfection can consume and digest whatever experiences he undergoes.

 What is the Significance of Right Sided Trunk?

The trunk should be curved to the left for normal idols. If it is curved to the right, it is called siddhi vinakya and needs special worship. One should be very careful in worshipping such idols.

But why is the trunk curved to right so special and so strict ? The iDa naaDii is on the left side, while the pingalaa naaDii is on the right. The left-turning trunk has easy rules and one can do puja however one wants with respect since the ida naadii is the moon. but the right turning nadi is the sun and will burn one if rules are violated. When the trunk is facing straight forward, then it signifies the sushumna is entirely open. Idols such as these are very rare and special. Even more special is the trunk where the trunk is swung up right in the air. It means the kundalini shakti has reached the sahasra permanently.

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