Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Eleven Rudras

The Eleven Rudras: Shiva has eleven forms of Rudra. He has several names and avataras and various scriptures and religious books give different names. However the 11 Rudras worshipped in the Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam Pooja is the most reliable information. The 11 Rudras are as follows:

1. Mahadeva, 2. Shiva , 3. Maha Rudra, 4. Shankara, 5. Neelalohita, 6. Eeshana Rudra, 7. Vijaya Rudra, 8. Bheema Rudra, 9. Devadeva, 10. Bhavodbhava and 11. Adityatmaka Srirudra.

Their 11 consorts of these 11 Rudras respectively are:-

1. Dhee devi, 2. Dhritti devi, 3. Ushna (Rasala) devi, 4. Uma devi, 5. Neeyut devi, 5. Sarpi devi, 7. Eela devi, 8. Ambika devi, 9. Ieravati devi, 10. Sudha devi and 11. Deeksha devi.

The auspicious and sacred Easwara principle is present in every man. This divine principle can be manifested only through the practice of pure thoughts and actions. The Rudras turn the intellect (Buddhi) towards sensuous objects and thrust the individual in the sea of (worldly life). The Paramatama (Supreme Spirit) is master of all the Rudras. Only the man who has conquered the eleven Rudras can expect to realize the Supreme. There are so many theories and notions about the eleven Rudras as well. One of them is, the Rudras are the symbolism of the eleven sensory organs. Man must seek to control as much as possible these eleven organs. From ancient times, the sages have stressed the supreme importance of sense-control as the means to God-realization. The eleven organs consists of ~

Karmendriya - The five organs of action (Sanskrit: karma = work; indriya = sense organ):

1. Chakshu (eyes) 2. Karna (ears) 3. Naasika (nose) 4. Jihavaa (tongue) 5. Tvak (skin)

Gnyanendriya - The five organs of perception (Sanskrit: gnyana = knowledge; indriya = sense organ):

6. Baak (speech) 7. Paad (feet) 8. Paani (hands) 9. Paayu (anus) 10. Upastha (excretory organs- penis/vagina)

Ubhayendriya - One organ, acting as both (Sanskrit: ubhaya = both; indriya = sense organ):
 11. Manah (mind)

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