Friday, 1 July 2011

Ekadasi Meditation, Vows

Ekadasi Morning Meditation on the Lord:

 Lotus Feet: Om Damodaraya Namah  Thighs: Om Madhavaya Namah Private Parts: Om Kamapataye Namah       Hips: Om Vamanaya Namah Navel: Om Padmanabhaya Namah Stomach: Om Vishvamutaye Namah    
Heart: Om Jnanagamyaya Namah  Throat: Om Srikanthaya Namah  Arms: Om Sahasrabahave Namah       
Lotus Eyes: Om Paramayogine Namah  Forehead: Om Urugayai Namah  Nose: Om Narakeshvaraya Namah     
 Hair: Om Sarvakamadaya Namah       Head: Om Sahasrashirshaya Namah

Midday: Bathe in river, lake or pond.  Chant, while smearing mud upon body: "O Asvakrante!  O Rathakranthe!  O Visnukranthe!  O Mrttike!  O Mother Earth!  Kindly remove all the sins I have accumulated throughout many past lives so that I may enter the sacred abode of the Supreme Lord."

Light fortnight Ekadasi: meditate upon the 12 holy names of Lord Vishnu while applying tilaka.

Dark fortnight: meditate upon 16 holy names: om vasudevaya namah, om keshavaya namah, om narayanah namah, om madhavaya namah, om sankarshanaya namah, om govindaya namah, om vaishnave namah, om madhusudanaya namah, om pradyumnaya namah, om trivikramaya namah, om vamanaya namah, om sridharaya namah, om aniruddhaya namah, om hrishikeshaya namah, om padmanabhaya namah, om damodarayah namah.

One should read about the particular Ekadasi (The Ekadasi book).

Do not sleep in day, take massage, engage in sex life,  take intoxication, touch impure people, shave.
On Dvadasi, one should not sleep in the day, eat in another's home, eat more than once, eat urad dahl, rub oil on the body.  One may break the fast at the right time by drinking water if eating is difficult to arrange.

"O sages, one who hears about these Ekadasis will learn how to observe them properly.Each Ekadasi bestows particular benefits on the faithful observer. "One who is physically unable to fast on Ekadasi may read the glories of each Ekadasi when it occurs and recite all the names of the Ekadasis; thus he will achieve the same goal as the person who observes the full Ekadasi vow." (or fast to the best of their ability while still observing ekadasi)

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