Saturday, 16 July 2011

Can Signature make you Lucky ?

Waqt ka har shay gulaam,
Man has always been a slave of time, but the nature has also given man an opportunity to make (60% of) his destiny.

 And how many times does he write his certificate name spelling?
 I do not want to keep asking questions from my respected readers but just want to show them the importance of our signatures. We use our signature infinite times whereas the certificate name is used only 1000 or 2000 times in our whole life.
  By now, I expect that the readers must have understood that Numerology is based on vibrations and phonetics.  Every time we write something or spell it a vibration is created. This vibration has a certain impact on our life.  So, it is clearly understood that our signature also plays a significant role in shaping our destiny.
, which will be shown in his next Hollywood venture. He has struggled a lot after his big hit in bollywood.  Recently I corrected the name of Kumar Gaurav (the actor in bollywood), and have corrected it to
Do you know the cause of his failure? The cause has been his name spelling and above all his signature. The way he signed was wrong. His underlining was in the wrong direction. Even though he is blessed with a lucky date of birth, he suffered because of his incorrect name spelling and his wrong signature.
 While guiding him I had to make sure that his new name spelling is not only perfectly compatible with his date of birth but also his signature was made perfect, so that the hurdles in his path of success could be removed.
  In numerology we take into consideration not only the spelling that is written in the signature but also the way of writing (which is indeed a part of graphology).
 Few weeks ago, a lady ‘Sarita Jain’ approached me to get her name corrected. After analysing her name numerologically I corrected her spelling and told her to sign as ‘Sariita Jain’ and not as S.Jain or Sariita . I also check the way one signs, i.e.
. How do you mark a sentence as important? : Simply by underlining it. This means that the underline has a great significance, when placed below a sentence it creates an importance. Then will it not affect your signature?
  Actually, underlining is very significant in a signature and due precaution must be taken while underlining because a perfect underline might make you a millionaire but a wrong movement of the underline may ruin you. As I have already mentioned about the mishap in case of Kumarr Gawrav. But this does not mean one must not underline. What is important is a proper guidance and consultancy from a Numerologist.
. Proper placement can make you whereas wrong placement might make you indecisive and aimless.
 The starting and ending stroke of the signature is also of great importance. Proper care is to be taken in this regard also.
” And I think that is what each and everyone wants.        When people ask me: Can I carve (make) my destiny? My answer to them is: “You are already carving your destiny, whenever you use your name spelling or make a signature. The risk involved is that one wrong stroke of your chisel might ruin your creation. So, please consult a specialist before you take any significant move. Because, as I always say-
Is your signature lucky ?
Get your signature analysed. Know the positive and negative qualities in your signature.
Make your signature vibrate positively for you.

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