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Benefits Of Sunderkand

  •  Meditation
The basic requirement of meditation is total concentration at one particular point where after you forget what is happening surrounding you. the net result is mental soothing. During Sunderkand recitation especially in group maintaining constant attention on the verses of the book is compulsory, simultaneously all communication lines are stopped. The net result is total concentration and at the end of recitation  a strange feeling takes place like fast running of blood or feel like crying or becoming oblivious to the surrounding. As a result of this one feels lightened and gets self motivation. This is the power of the verses of Sunderkand and this is in a way a meditation.

  •  Creates Positive Vibration
 All sound creates vibration a sound which upsets your mind waves is a noise and a sound which is ear pleasing is supposed to have a positive vibration. Our thoughts are waves having certain frequency. It has been scientifically proved that when the frequency of the thought waves matches with the frequency of the sound waves than it produces positive vibrations as a result of this the thought waves merges with the sound waves and develop a further positive vibration. If you feed any sound into a sound measuring instrument an oscillscope, it releases a certain pattern. Depending upon the sounds vibration, measured by frequency and amplitude, the oscilloscope creates a certain form. Every sound has a certain form. Similarly every form has a sound. The relation between form and sound is referred to a mantra. During sunderkand recitation, which are mantras similar phenomena takes place. The verses are siddh by the ancient saints. Hence the thoughts which normally are negative gets destroyed under this power of mantra and a zero level of thought process is attained and we feel lightened.

  •  Can Change Aura
 Aura can be defined as an energy emanating around the body of humanbeings.there are 6 such layers around our body viz (1) Physical body (2) Etheric body (3) Mental body (4) Body of science (5) Body of knowledge (6) Body of bliss. There are about 7 energy centers or chakras viz.
  • Sahasrar chakra
  • Ajna chakra
  • Visudhhi chakra
  • Hear chakra
  • Manipur chakra
  • Swadhisthan chakra
  • Muladhar chakra
This auras can be seen through latest photo chromic camera. The powerful aura is visualized with clarity and non clear or blur layers represents weak aura. The auras can be improved by continuous meditation, right food habits etc. As we know sunderkand recitation produces vibration and which results in taking a form. This form surrounds our body and strikes with the energy level surrounding the body. The moment it strikes with the energy or the form of the vibration of sunderkand, it starts changing for positive hence there is a change in individual’s personality. Continious recitation affect the energy level surrounding the body positively and sharpens the aura level. [detailed explanation during discourse]
  •  Gives a healing effect
  In most of the living beings to get cure from the physical damages of the body the nature has given an automatic recovery. This is known as healing. When a kid fells down, all the time we do not consult a doctor. The blood clots at the wound and wound does not spread. This is for the physical injury. Today’s people have lots of worldly problems which cannot be shared with any individual for solution. The person goes on feeling hurt or guilty and with times also from inferiority complex. This is the mental injury. For this either he has to consult a psychiatric or an astrologer for getting the wound healed. Sunderkand recitation does the work of psychiatric. Mental injury is the state of mind attained due to lot of negative thinking. Negative thinking is the generation of negative thought waves, which results in frustration. The moment one does sunderkand recitation continuously, the negative waves get crushed by the positive vibration of the verses of sunderkand upon which an individual feels lightened which is the sign of his mental injury getting healed. 
  •  As a prayer
  Prayer is an act of a request or a thanks giving. A survey was recently conducted by the institute for study of secularism on non scientific beliefs of scientist. Of 1100 scientist from 130 universities and around 50% scientist agreed on the effectiveness of prayer. And 38% believe that God can perform miracles (an article in 'Economic Times' of 24th June 2008). We request when we solicit a favour. We seek favour when we have no resort but to surrender to the power. It is said that a prayer said from the corner of the heart has tremendous impact. Sunderkand recitation has got such an impact because it requires total concentration hence sunderkand is one of the best prayers.  
  •  With music gives a peace                                                                                
Vedas give lot of importance to music. The Ragas were made as per the emotions or ‘bhav’, which was done to create an impact. The kings and the rulers in olden days use to have musicians in their palace to create a desired atmosphere. Certain ragas give mental peace. Sunderkand recited with music and with certain ragas create a mental peace. It is also observed that on attaining mental peace when one is not reciting Sunderkand he gets a feeling of music. A Sunderkand done in a group with music has a lasting impact on individual even after leaving the premises.
  •  Sunderkand is a river 
 A river has tremendous power. It quenches the thirst of thirsty beings, cleans the body, clothes and gives coolness and makes the atmosphere a pious one. Sunderkand has this power. An individual who is thirsty for growth gets the growth. A person having done lot of sins purifies himself by Sunderkand recitation. A vice addicted person leaves the vices after continuous recitation of Sunderkand. It has been observed that wherever a group Sunderkand recitation is taking place the atmosphere is so pious that animals like cow, dogs also wait there and enjoys. Kids who normally cannot sit for more than few minutes at one place sit silently for 2hrs. A person not knowing the language remains seated till it gets over. A person who normally comes for a courtesy does not feel like going till it ends even if he is coming for the first time. Sunderkand is flow of pious mantras, like a flow of water cleaning everybody and quenching everybodys thirst. While doing the Sunderkand near the river or seaside, a field of waves developed in the water along with the sound and the waves developed from the mind and the sound developed by the recitation mantras. This field engulfs the reciter and making him in the state of thoughtlessness. This state of thoughtlessness activate the “Sahasrara” chakra and helps develop sixth sense.

In order to have the real life feeling, ‘SKSS’ arranged a Sunderkand Recitation on the bank of river "Mahisagar" (Verakhadi) situated 30km from Baroda on the way to Dakor on the day of Amavasya i.e. on 24th May 2009 at 6 am. About 800 satsangis participated in this joint recitation. Refer photo gallery
  •  Helps in Healing Heart Attack
 You must have heard a non medicinal prescription given to a heart attack patient, which includes following:
  • To do Yoga / Meditation
  • To do mild exercises
  • To eat light food
  • To listen music [Music Therapy]
During Sunderkand especially in a group We also recommend the Satsangis to switch off mobile and concentrate in the book or keep the eyes closed [which act as a meditation].we also recommend to do Sunderkand with empty stomach. As you know the group Sunderkand is accompanied by live music it acts as a music therapy. The sitting posture with leg folded gives the benefit of Padmasan [yoga]. Research as well as our interaction with the people has confirmed this hypotheses and heart patients have experienced relief in their pain.
  •  Smashan Sunderkand
 Crematorium is considered to be a place with zero negative vibration. This is because of the fire which is considered to be a cleaning agent of the atmosphere. It is because of this that any shadhana done at this place, yields quick result. As Sunderkand verses is having the positive charges, it pushes the atma which is again the bundle of energy to the next level. This way the "Moksha" is attained by the aatma when Sunderkand is recited at crematorium while funeral process is taking place.

In order to remove the taboo attached with the visit to crematorium, SKSS planned out a Sunderkand recitation on Amavasya i.e 26 Dec 2008. About 1500 Satsangis recited Sunderkand in presence of funeral pyre of 7 bodies. Surprisingly about 60% were ladies. In fact the aarti was done by Mrs. Poonam Panchal, Deputy Mayor of Baroda city. Refer photo gallery
  •  Ten ways of getting maximum benefits from Sunderkand.
Sunderkand can be done any time, any day with or without music. However following will help one to get maximum advantage.
  • If you are doing alone it is better you do it early morning around 4-6 in “Bhrahm Mahurat”.
  • A group Sunderkand can be done any time but gives maximum benefit when done after 7pm in the evening.
  • Sunderkand done in a group with music is Ideal.
  • Sunderkand done in group with music around 5 am on Tuesday, Saturday, on full moon day and no moon day is the ultimate for getting benefits.
  • While doing Sunderkand one should not get up at the same time phone should be switched off, no break or no intra or inter talking.
  • Sunderkand done after understanding the meaning of the verses mentioned therein gives instant result.
  • Before commencing Sunderkand one should take bath and wear light colored clothes.
  • Sunderkand should be done with empty stomach and fasting on Saturdays or Tuesday   gives maximum benefit.
  • Sunderkand necessarily be started by ‘AAHAVAN[‘invitation’ verses of shri Hanumanji] and ended by “BIDAI”.
  • In order to get better concentration during Sunderkand, do not leave your eyes away from the book. If you do not require a book than close your eyes and imagine the Pratima of Shri Hanumanji.

Sunderkand to be done for 14 days starting from Tuesday in Shree Hanumanji’s temple as under (if not possible than in front of photo of Shri Hanumanji at your residence)

Light a ‘Diya’of til oil and do a ‘Dhoop’ of goggle. Apply rose garland on ‘Dada’s pratima and keep seasonal fruit (7nos) and one coconut as Prasad and plead your 'sankalp' and read out ‘Sunderkand’ with utmost faith and concentration. Give ‘Chhana” to monkeys during the daytime and you will get success.



The above ‘verses’ of sunderkand to be recited for 11 malas, i.e.  11x108 =1188times for 49 days in front of ‘Dada’s photo starting from Tuesday. Write this verse on a piece of paper with red ink and keep it on all walls of the house inside the rooms. Simultaneously recite Hanuman Chalisa for 108 times on 7 Saturdays and on the last day do 108 Vishnu shastra path. See the result.

Recite above ‘verse’of sunderkand atleast 11x108=1188 times daily by lighting a ‘Diya’ of ghee in front of ‘Dada”s  photo starting from Tuesday for 90 days

The above verse to be recited for 108 times at Shri Hanumanji’s temple starting from Tuesday during dusk time with a folded hand for 90 days. And see the result.

Recite this verse in front of Shri Hanumanji preferably at temple for 108 times 7 days ahead of your starting new job/business. The day you appear for an interview or go for a business you should recite this verse on the way till you reach the spot of interview or the business.

There are many such verses of Sunderkand and even Hanuman Chalisa by which one can get the benefit in solving the worldly problems…


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