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Balarama in Mahabaratham

Balarama and his wife Revathy had a daughter called Vatsala. Krishna's sister Subadra had married Arjuna and they had a son called Abhimanyu. It had been agreed by elders that Vatsala and Abhimanyu would get married.
 But, as the Pandavas had lost their kingdom to the Gauravas, Balarama and Revathy changed their minds and decided to give Vatsala in marraige to Latchana Kumara, Duryodhana's son. 

Abhimanyu, with the help of Gadothgajan (son of Bheeman and Idumbi) married Vatsala. Vatsala was brought to Gadothgajan's place, while Gadothgajan took the guise of Vatsala in the palace. He (i.e Vatsala) appeared as a monkey, tiger, etc., only to Lakshana Kumara, who ran away from Vatsala in fear calling her a monkey, tiger, etc., All gathered thought Lakshana Kumara had gone mad. When Balarama heard that Vatsala had married Abhimanyu with Lord Krishna's blessings was overjoyed and welcomed them to his palace.

Balaram Appears as a Lord Nityanada

Lord Nityananda, who is Balarama Himself, the first direct manifestation or expansion of Krsna, is the original spiritual master. He helps Lord Krsna in His pastimes, and He is a servant of the Lord. Lord Caitanya is the same Lord Krsna, and Lord Nityananda is Lord Balarama. Lord Nityananda fulfills all of Lord Caitanya's desires. The source of the sentiment of servitude is indeed Lord Balarama, and the plenary expansions who follow Him are all influenced by that ecstasy.

Sri Rama, or Balarama, is the protector of the devotees of the Lord. Baladeva acts as the spiritual master of all devotees, and by His causeless mercy the fallen souls are delivered. Balarama comes with Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and both of Them are so merciful that in this age of Kali one may very easily take shelter of Their lotus feet. They come especially to deliver the fallen souls of this age. Their weapon is sankirtana, hari-nama. Thus one should accept the sword of knowledge from Krsna and be strong with the mercy of Balarama.

Balarama slays Dhenukasura
Dhenukasura was a powerful demon who had assumed the form of an ass. With
his demon friends he was occupying Talavana, one of the twelve forests of
Vrindavana. Out of fear of these demons no one could approach Talavana and
enjoy the numerous flowers and fruits in the forest. Balarama, induced by
His cowherd friends, entered the forest desiring to kill the demons. He
began shaking the fruit trees, making a big noise. Dhenuka, furious at the
intrusion, attacked Balarama with his rear legs, but Balarama easily picked
him up by his legs and whirled him around until he died. As the other demon
friends of Dhenuka rushed to attack, Krishna and Balarama picked them up and
threw them on trees, killing them. Soon the forest was free of all demons,
and it appeared that the bent trees were being directed by Balarama to pay
obeisances to Krishna.

Balarama kills Pralambasura
Once when Krishna and Balarama were playing with the cowherd boys, a demon
named Pralamba entered their midst, disguised as a cowherd boy.
Understanding the invincible potency of Krishna, he instead decided to
abduct Balarama. At the end of the game, as the losing party he was supposed
to carry Balarama on his shoulders. Carrying the Lord on his shoulders he
ran swiftly, but Balarama realizing the true identity of demon began to make
himself heavier and heavier. Unable to bear the weight, the demon assumed
his original form which was like a huge dark effulgent cloud, decorated with
golden ornaments. Balarama then bought His fist down the head of the demon
splitting it into two and causing him to give up his life.

Balarama glorified by Krishna
As the elder brother of Krishna, Balarama was the object of His love and
respect. Once when walking in the forest of Vrindavana, Krishna observed the
trees bending down as if paying obeisances. He glorified the lotus feet of
Balarama as being the object of devotion even for the demigods. He said that
the trees, which were impersonalists in previous life times, witnessing the
personal form of Balarama were now praying for His devotion. At other times
when Balarama would get tired by playing, He would lie down the lap of one
of the cowherd boys and Krishna would personally massage His feet, fan Him
and give Him service. Such was the sweet reciprocation of love between
Krishna and Balarama.

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