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KUNDALINI can be described as a great reservoir of creative energy at the base of our spine.
When KUNDALINI moves through our body our consciousness necessarily changes with it.

WHAT KUNDALINI MEANS?Kundalini means “coiling like a snake”

Some believed that a pranick awakening is the prelude to a full kundalini awakening
The second explanaition is that Prana and Kundalini are equivalent. And the difference is not in the Nature of the activity but in the consciousness that observes it.
And there are other opinions that says the the the Pranic is the one to be aimed and that the KUNDALINI is an obstruction and it has to be killed to let the Prana flow.
For many gurus KUNDALINI is not necessary for Enlightenment, because they say that “ KUNDALINI MAKE YOU STRONGER BUT NOT MORE ENLIGHTENED”

  • When a TRUE KUNDALINI experience occurs the Force eclipses the EGO and it is almost certain that the person will feel disoriented for some time.
  • There will almost certainly periods of serious psychological discomfort and Social Alienation.

The TIBETTAN BUDDHISM texts speak of two different periods of SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY.
One is an intense anxiety and sense of alienation from the world. This occurs at the beginning of KUNDALINI awakenings.
The second is in a more advanced period when the person suffers from deep bliss and Profound Awareness.
WHAT THE KUNDALINI REALLY DOES?The objective of the KUNDALINI is to open the blockage of the CHAKRAS caused by knots, preventing the flow of energy.

 HOW DO I AWAKEN KUNDALINIKUNDALINI can be awaken by Devotion, by selfless service or self induced, intellectually.
The are two tottaly different approaches to the AWAKENING.
The first one is called "SHAKTIPAT" or "SHAKTI DESCENT" and requires an initiation by a Guru.
The other method uses Yogic techniquesas :" MANTRA YOGADO IT YOURSELF VS SIDDHA MAHAYOGA WITH A GURU.
People using the assistance of a Guru, reported almost instant Awakenings of the KUNDALiNI vs the self initiation of KUNDALINI.But also there are people who experienced instant AWAKENINGS on their own.
But a guidance is always welcome.Especially when you are dealing with a complex matter of mocving energies and the imbalances that can bring.
The problems that are common with the KUNDALINI AWAKENINGS are:
Mental imbalance by students of SIDDA MAHAYOGA.
But The ease of awakening The KUNDALINI is more noticeable
The KUNDALINI TYPE OF YOGAS in the other hand tends to be much under control but lead to an egocentric approach and used to bolster Ego rather than turning it into bliss
THE KUNDALINI SYNDROMEThis are some of the experiences researchers have documented of this practice in some cases.

    • FEAR

    Gopi Krishna was influential as the first widely published author on the subject of kundalini. He attracted Yvonne Kason, a transpersonal psychologist who helped to further popularize his story and integrated his lessons into her practice. Together with a few collaborators, she established the Kundalini Research Network
    Based on his traumatic experiences, Gopi Krishna conveyed a twofold message of immense dread and great hopefulness around the awakening of Kundalini.
    "The power, when aroused in a body not attuned to it with the help of various disciplines or not genetically mature for it, can lead to awful mental states, to almost every form of mental disorder, from hardly noticeable aberrations to the most horrible forms of insanity, to neurotic and paranoid states, to megalomania and, by causing tormenting pressure on reproductive organs, to an all-consuming thirst that is never assuaged."
    "I am confident that when the laws about Kundalini are known, the life span of man will increase to as much as 150 years, out of which the greater part will be for his enjoyment and for the exercise of all his faculties. These supermen will be prodigies of the highest order. They will have command of all the premier languages of the world and will be able to write in prose and verse in all of them. They will have command of all the sciences, and in that condition will be able to guide even the highest specialists.

    According to Stuart Sovatsky: "the use in the West of Gopi Krishna's problematic kundalini experiences as a standard gives the awakening a reputation as more dangerous than it is."
    Gopi Krishna described the symptoms of what he thought was kundalini awakening based on his own experiences. From his early years of turmoil, he described a stream of light and a roaring sound in his head, a rocking sensation, a sense of slipping out of his body, followed by a sense of detachment and disinterest, weakness in his arms and legs, fatigue and uneasiness. After many years of effort to understand and master the mysterious kundalini, Krishna was able to report a much happier syndrome:
    “ the place of a roaring noise in my ears, there was now a cadence like the humming of a swarm of bees, enchanting and melodious, and the encircling glow was replaced by a penetrating silvery radiance, already a feature of my being within and without. The marvelous aspect of the condition, lay in the sudden realization that although linked to the body and surroundings I had expanded in an indescribable manner into a titanic personality, conscious from within of an immediate and direct contact with and intensely conscious universe, a wonderful inexpressible immanence all around me.

    <span>hakras.</span> In the Kundalini system, there are seven circles of energy within the body called chakras. These seven chakras have a physical reality that controls the flow of chi, or energy, through the body. If these are blocked, certain complaints from stiffness to a sore throat can manifest themselves throughout the body. These centers can also regulate or block the regular functions of your organs as well. Unless you can put an exact finger on a physical injury you received in one of these areas such a blow in the stomach, landing on your tail bone, allergies, or being next to a toxic waste site; these centers can be block by your emotional states. Why is it two patients diagnosed with the same lung cancer with the same background;including smoking history and age with similar medical histories; that only one survives it? Not the other. Or how about one day you can lift an elephant worth of packages and be fine, but a month later you bend over to turn the door knob and your back goes out? Why is it my 98 year old neighbor still runs circles around most people and drives all her friends to the store and such, but another women almost half her age needs a walker and depends on Mass transportation? Is it something more than their physical shape? Could it be different emotional or mental blockades? Does one have a better out look or higher spirits? Can one have a better outlook.
    Have you ever sensed danger and felt your lower back tighten. Taken to much work home and develop a sore neck? How about when you are afraid to say something and you develop a sore throat? Where do you think the phrases like "your a pain in the neck" come from?

    <span><span>" So if you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste. Use all your well-learned politesse or I'll lay your soul to waste ?"</span><span> </span></span><span>Sympany for the Devil; Rolling Stones</span>
    At different times in your life did you ever have different physical ailments that you do not have now? Do you rember the events in your life around the time they started? If you still have those ailments, are those or similar events a reoccurring theme? I used to have sinus headaches throughout high school which went away when I graduated. They were real, but I changed my environment. Do you not have a high chance of getting a cold when you are around places that are highly infectious such as grammar schools and hospitals? Are not germs molecular structures held together by energy? Are sound waves another form of energy? Can different types of music comfort or rile you up? Is not the sound of music then energy as well? Does there energy tighten or relax your muscles? Does your muscles need energy to tighten or relax? Can they not get a cramp, a knot in them, or loose circulation if there is a blockage of energy somewhere? Like the energy needed to circulate the blood to the muscle. Are their not organs controlled by larger grouping of tissue and cells called systems? Do we not feel static electricity when we rub a balloon on our hair? Do we not have energy within us? Can there be a larger system that regulates these other energy systems? What happens when these systems of energy get blocked? As the sound of nails on a chalkboard can make your skin crawl and your muscles cringe, can an energy alter you physically? How is it that dogs know when you are scared of them? Can physical ailments develop through energy shifts? Can emotional energy cause physical ailments as well?
    So can mental decisions cause physical ailments? Can the Chinese water torture make you mentally snap and your health deteriorate? So going into that job every day that you hate cause chronic back pain? Could it cause you to smoke more? Can it limit your chances of surviving cancer if that is the only thing you live for? Kundalini is about removing these blocks in the centers? If you almost drowned once, will you join the swim team?
    Kundalini Chakra system is used for freeing physical energy as in acupuncture, but also spiritual and emotional energy. Does it not take energy in your brain to think and feel?
    There is seven chakras. The first is at the base of the spine. The second is in the sexual organs. Third in the stomach. Fourth the heart. Fifth rests in the throat. In between the eyes is the sixth. With the last exiting the crown.
    The first chakra is that of existence. It is the waking out of a deep sleep. Or in fact it deals with the way in which you were awaken. It is the resting spot of the serpent that lies dormant until stirred. It is your grounding. Your foundation.
    The second is that of creation and pleasure. It is the sensuality or joy that leads you to create life or to paint. It is the place of personal expression. The home of the desires. It caries the danger of indulgence and stillness.
    The third is that of acquisition and fire. The killing the animal for food and the chemical fire needed within the body to break it down into energy. It is the place of station and wealth. It caries the danger of fear. It is the home of personal survival.
    The fourth is the resting place of the heart. It is the home of compassion. It is the Christ consciousness. The midway. It is balance. In this chakra is the sound of one hand clapping. The place that no opposites clash or are in conflict with each other. This is where one learns compassion. Here one finds out survival is easier within a pack than without on your own. Here you respect others needs as well as your own; equally. But you remain independent and separate in your self. Here the red and green balances each other. The white and the black symbols of the Tao.
    The fifth is the tricky one. This is the teen age center. This is invoking your voice and ego. Here you choose to team it with the fourth or the third. Do you use your will for yourself or the benefit or concern of others. If you use it for yourself, it is the home of your personal demons. Demons in Latin means mental blockades. Here is the place that fear and desire of the second and third chakras deliver you your shame, blame, and guilt. Here you meet your shadow. Here the fire of the third chakra consumes you. Like as within the stomach, this is the place that breaks you down into your useful and healthy components. The Home of Kali. Here you loose your life for that of the kingdom of God.
    The sixth chakra is the home of God. Here you talk directly with him. This is the place that connects you with the world beyond your senses. Here your ego is in control of the direction of your life. No longer are you swayed by mere survival. This is the home of just doing. Just being. This is to be in a world and be a part of it. This is the ego in control of your destiny within a world.
    The seventh Chakra is that of leaving the world. It is the place of giving up everything. It is relinquishing control to something greater than yourself. With full knowledge. This is entering the world of the spirit. It is the place that connects you to a will and knowledge greater than what you have experienced. It is the leap of faith. It is the place that you must be willing to loose all to enter. It is letting the person you love leave. Like the person, the things that you truly love in your life will always return and you will never loose them. But can you risk them to gain greater rewards? It is the place where Buddha and Christ reached? It is the home of the Holy Spirit and the collective Unconsciousness. It can be the way out of life, as with Buddha. Or the way back into life to heal it, as with the Boddhisavtas and Christ? They return to the middle, the fourth chakra to teach. Here they teach we are all gods.
    Some have only developed into the second chakra. Here they are at the will of Freud. Everything is locked in its pleasures or lack of it. Everything is either sex or shit. It is oral fixations. Lost in fantasy. It is using sex as only the act and nothing beyond. Or it is the place of denial of anything that is anything that is a pleasure to you. It is the place of your denial.

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