Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Akshaya Shakti Day

Saturday is known as Sthira Vaaram. It is a day of consolidation, solidity and permanency. Pooja and thapas on Sthira Vaaram can win one the blessings of long standing good habits and character. It is also a day of consolidating gains in business and establishing a path for a steady work life.

Today is Akshaya Shakti Sthira Vaara Saturday. It is also Sankatahara Chathurthi day. The Akshaya Shakti Vinayaka in front of the Arasar Kovil Sundara Mahalakshmi shrine is the Lord of Never Ending Shakti.

On this day, Lord Shaneeswara is with his father Lord Soorya in the house of Karkataka. Today is a good day to lay the foundations for cordial relations between father and son.

Lord Shani is Ayushkaraka, the dispositor of longevity. As the ruler of Saturday, today is a good day for propitiating LOrd Shaniswara. On this day, worship in shrines specially dedicated to Lord Shani, especially in shrines where his Ishwara status as Shaneeswara is celebrated. Examples include Thenkurangaduthurai and Koondhaloor. Today, worship him will til (ellu in Tamil and sesame seeds in English). Make garlands of sweet sesame seed rounds and offer that to Lord Shani. Place sesame seeds on lotus leaves and offer that to him. Apply sweet sesame seed paste on his divine form. This worship of Lord Shaneeswara using sesame seeds is special.

Offer sweet sesame seed rounds to crows. This is a very good form of propitiating one's pithru ancestor beings. Make it a habit to offer 12 such rounds to crows everyday during Shani horai (use our Horai calculator). This is a spiritual way to attain the inheritance that is due once. Those who do this will get the blessings of Shani Bharani Siddha who is the Sathguru of the world of crows.

Like we have mentioned before, everyone has to go through multiple Shani periods in one's life. This is known as being in the grip of Shani. These can be testing periods in one's life that can teach one humility, discipline and maturity. By divine command, there are Shani periods for deities too. But a Shani period for a deity mean a symbolic abhishekam of the deity form with jyoti light and the receiving aradhana shakti. There are special temples that offer these blessings to Shaneeswara and other Navagraha lords. One such temple is Nettiyoor near Manamadurai. Here the Lord blesses one and all as Swarnavareeswara along with His consort, Mother Santha Nayaki Ambika.

Once Shaneeswara approached Lord Ganesh, humbly told Him that it was His Shani period and requested His permission to "grip" Him. Lord Ganesh said that Shani can "grip" Him when His poojas were over. So Shaneeswara waited patiently for a very long time, but there was no end to the pooja. Finally, Lord Ganesh gave Shani permission to "grip" Him even while the pooja was going on. So Shaniswara "gripped" Lord Ganesh's Feet most humbly and realized the true meaning of his role - that of "gripping" people in accordance with their karma and making them experience the fruits thereof in a totally impartial way.

Today, make sure that you read only those books and articles that can increase your mental courage. Stay away from newspapers, TV and radio at least today. Read only spiritual matters today. Why? Because the good you do today will last a long time. So too the bad! So be ultra careful today. Today is a day for spiritual activity only.

On this day, worship in a temple where the shrines of Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman are close together. Worshipping Shaniswara in hill shrines is also special today.

Make garlands and crowns out of black grapes and dates and offer them to Lord Ganesh today. The result of this pooja will be Akshaya Vinayaka's blessings. These blessings will help those who knowingly commit wrongs reform themselves. This is a golden opportunity for such people. If they miss this opportunity, never will they get it again. Akshaya Vinayaka's blessings can even reform the evil ones. He can reform those husbands and children who are in the grip of bad habits. He will inspire one to take on Kula Devata (family deity) pooja. Those who have lost their wealth due to evil means will be able to recover their loss at least to an extent. Even those who lead lives that are but long tragedies will find some cheer. Such is the benevolent power of Akshaya Shakti Vinayaka.

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