Sunday, 24 July 2011


Abhishekam.used for the purpose is consumed by the devotees as , the After completing the. For non-believers, the fact that it adds to the health would convince them to consume it. , has medicinal values and will provide health and nourishment to the body. However, since it is used for worshipping the god, there are spiritual values too attached to this , being the mixture of various It is said that

Milk gives memory and strength to the body. It can be digested easily. It also gives lustre to the body. Doctors prescribe milk as an alternative to food as it contains three types of proteins, 19 amino acids, 11 types of fats, six vitamins, eight enzymes, 25 elements, sugar and others. Milk provides the required calcium and phosphorous to the body. :

Curds may cure few types of fever. It is advisable not to take curds in the night.. It increases memory and eliminates the heat in the body. The medicinal values present in and , consists of :

Ghee. It also gives lustre to the body. It contains carotine and vitamin ‘A’.increases memory, intelligence, strength, life span, eye sight and heat in the body. According to scriptures one should not eat food without :

Honey contains iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, ‘B’ and ‘C’ vitamins. It is good for anemia patients.also stops vomiting sensation and is good for the eyes. It can be digested easily and gives great energy. , would neutralize the poisonous material, which might have entered the body unknowingly. , according to :

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