Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Aamalika Ekadashi

Ekadasi, is the eleventh day of the shukla (bright) or krishn (dark) paksh (fortnight) of every lunar month in the Panchang.   Aamal ki Ekadashi:Amalaki Ekadashi is observed on Shukla Paksha Ekadasi day in Falgun Month. Amalaki means the Indian Gooseberry tree . On this Ekadashi day, Amalaki tree is worshipped. Amalaki Ekadashi 2011 date is March 16, 2011. Amla tree is believed as Lord Vishnu and Tulsi as Goddess Lakshmi. Legend of Aamalaki Ekadashi:  The legend of Aamalaki Ekadasi vrat katha is mentioned in the Brahmand Puran as a conversation between Vasist Muni and King Mandhat.King PAshabinduka also called Chitraratha ruled kingdom names VaidishA, where all the sections of society (brahmins etc) were equally endowed with Vedic knowledge, great bodily strength, and fine intelligence. Kingdom was free of disease, and everyone enjoyed good health.  Twice a month everyone fasted on EkAdasii.
Giving up all varieties of materialistic religion, they completely dedicated themselves to the loving service of the Supreme Lord, Hari.
"Once, in the month of Phalguna (February - March), the holy fast of Aamalakii EkAdasii arrived, conjoined with DvAdasi.  King Chitraratha realised that this particular fast would bestow especially great benefit, and thus he and all the citizens of VaidishA observed this sacred EkAdasii very strictly, carefully following all the rules and regulations.
"After bathing in the river, the king and all his subjects went to the temple of Lord Vishnu, where an Amalakii tree grew.  They offered prayers to Aamalaki tree  Then they worshiped Lord Parashuram and Amalakii tree.
After offering these excellent prayers, King Chitraratha and his subjects remained awake throughout the night, praying and worshiping according to the regulations governing a sacred Ekadasi fast.  It was during this auspicious time of fasting and prayer that a very irreligious man approached the assembly, a man who maintained himself and his family by killing animals.  Burdened with both fatigue and sin, the hunter saw the king and the citizens of VaidishA observing Amalakii EkAdasii by performing an all-night vigil, fasting, and worshiping Lord Vishnu in the beautiful forest setting, which was brilliantly illuminated by many lamps.  The hunter hid nearby, wondering what this extraordinary sight before him was.         'What is going on here?' he thought.  What he saw in that lovely forest beneath the holy Amalakii tree was the Deity of Lord Damodar being worshiped upon the Asana of a waterpot, and what he heard were devotees singing sacred songs describing Lord Shri Krishna's transcendental forms and pastimes.  Despite himself, that staunchly irreligious killer of innocent birds and animals spent the entire night in great amazement as he watched the Ekadasi celebration and listened to the glorification of the Lord.After the sunrise, the hunter then returned back to his home and ate his meal.  After his death, the hunter by the merit he had gained by fasting on Amalakii Ekadasii and hearing the glorification of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as well as by being forced to stay awake all night, made him eligible to be reborn as a great king VasUratha.

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