Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Aamal Ekadashi (Dhatri Ekadashi)

This Year Aamal Ekadashi is on 16th March, 2011 (Wednesday)
Procedure for Observing the Fast of Aamal Ekadashi
The Aamal Ekadashi falls on the Ekadashi of Phagun Month. On this day, observers of the fast worshiping the Amla Tree (Indian Green Gooseberry). The tree of Amla is considered as the residence of Lord Vishnu. At morning after taking the bath, observers should clean the Amla Tree by water and then worship it with incense sticks, red powder, sandal, flowers and rice grains. After worshiping it, observers should feed the Brahmans under the Amla Tree and the give them alms. The devotees who observe this fast are getting Lord Vishnu's blessings and Lord Vishnu always saves them from any kind of distress.

The Story of Aamal Ekadashi
In ancient times, there was a King Chitrasen who was ruling in India. The people of his state were very happy and everyone was observing the fast of Ekadashi. Once upon a time, King Chitrasen went to the jungle for hunting. While hunting he went far away from his state. He was too involved in hunting that he forgot that how much distance he has covered. Suddenly, many cannibals came in front of him and they start hitting him with many kind of weapons. But, King was amazed to see that he is not being affected by any of the weapons. When cannibals were failed to hurt king by weapons, many more cannibals came to kill the King. King Chitrasen fainted to see the crowd of cannibals. When he fainted, one miraculous power of his body appeared and killed all the cannibals. When king was awakened, he was very surprised to see the bodies of cannibals. Then, one voice from the sky said to him, “The good fortune of Aamla Ekadashi saved you from the cannibles and that power killed all your enemy”. The King was very happy to hear this and he happily went to his kingdom. After returning to his kingdom, he told this story to everyone and encourages them to observe the fast of the Amla Ekadashi.

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