Friday, 2 September 2011

Maharshi Agastya Jee

Maharshi Agastya Jee is a great Maharshi. He has done a lot for the world. Many events are famous related to him. In the beginning of the world, Brahmaa Jee poduced 10 Maanas Putra (mind children). One of them was Maharshi Pulastya. Pulastya Jee had two sons - Mahashi Agastya and Maharshi Vishravaa who had four sons -  Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan and Kuber.

Then they went to Agastya Muni. Agastya Muni went to Vindhyaachal Parvat and said to him - "I am going to South, give me the way. I cannot climb so high." Vindhyaachal regarded him a lot, so he just came to ground level and Muni crossed him. After crossing him he told him to lie down in the same way till he returned and went away. Vindhyaachal is still waiting for him to return, but he has never returned since then. Thus he solved Devtaa's problem.

As Nahush became Indra, he became proud and thought that if he was Indra then why Indraanee didn't come to him? He sent a message to her - "Since I am Indra now, you should come to me." Indraanee got worried to hear this, she sought her Guru Brihaspati Jee's help. Brihaspati Jee pondered over a little and said to her - "Ask him to come to you in the palanquin carried by Rishi." Indraanee sent the same message to Nahush. Nahush was blind in his pride, so he asked to bring a palanquin which would be drawn by Rishi.

He sat on the palanquin and set off to Indraanee's palace. He was very happy that he was going to Indraanee's palace.

Rishi did not have the habit to carry palanquins, so they were walking slowly, and Nahush was in hurry. Seeing them walking slowly, he said to them, "Sarp, Sarp (means walk fast, walk fast)." Still Rishi were not able to walk fast. When in spite of saying several times Rishi could not walk fast, he hit one Rishi with a whip saying again, "Sarp, Sarp." Now that Rishi was Maharshi Agastya. Hearing this Maharshi Agastya cursed him - "You are saying us "Sarp, Sarp", you yourself become Sarp (snake) and fall on Prithvi." Immediately Nahush became a snake and fell on Prithvi. He asked Rishi's forgiveness and that when he will be free from this curse. Agastya Jee said, "When Yudhishthir will tell you about Dharm, then you will be free from this curse."

So when Yudhishthir told him about Dharm, he got freed from this curse.

They said - "In earlier times also you have helped Devtaa, we are again in trouble, please help us again. Agastya Jee said - "OK, What I will do that I will drink the sea, so whatever you want to do, do soon." Agastya Jee sat on the shore of the sea and drank the whole sea in front of everybody. Devtaa found the Kaalakeya Daitya and killed most of them. Whatever survived went to Paataal Lok. Then Devtaa prayed him to return the water to the sea. Agastya Jee said - "I have already digested that water, so you make another arrangement to fill it." Hearing this Devtaa went to Brahmaa Jee, Brahmaa Jee assured them - "Don't worry, when Bhageerath will bring Gangaa on Prithvi, she will fill the sea with her water."

[Agastya Jee helped Devtaa so many times.]

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