Friday, 2 September 2011

8-Some Great Saints

Maharshi Ramana's father's death brought about a transformation in his life.

Buddha was a prince who had a beautiful wife and a newborn child. But, the scene of an old man, death and disease led him out of the comfortable palace to a forsaken 'Bodhi' tree and he 'Realized' the Truth. We also see such scenes of old age, death and sickness but it does not create any impact on us.

Pattinathar was a famous Minister in the court of the King in Kaveripoompattinam. He was a rich merchant, too. He sent his young son across the sea on trade. On its return journey the ship was caught up in a storm and there was danger for his son losing his life. The father prayed fervently for the safe return of his son, but, when the son returned he asked him what he had earned out of his business trip abroad.

The young son showed a needle with a hole that could not be threaded. The enraged father beat up his son. The young son asked his father - "Father, What was your prayer to the Lord last night when I was caught up in the storm? Did you not pray that you did not seek any wealth but only my life? But, now you are angry with me. Know that even this needle that cannot be threaded will not accompany you when you leave this world!" These words were a slap on Pattinathar's face. At once he left his home, his wealth, his post, to seek God.

In Sundaramoorthi Nayanar's life, it is found that the Lord stopped his marriage and took him unto Himself. Thus, God takes each unto Himself in different ways. Purandaradasa, a filthy rich but a miser, at the age of 30 gave up everything in a moment to seek God.

These words of his wife rang in his ears the whole night as he lay down to sleep that night. In the morning it took him away to Kaashee Kshetra. We find that he sacrificed everything (Sarv Sang Parityaag) after that incident and wrote Raamaayan.

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