Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pradyumna - Lord Krishna Son

After getting a boon from Brahmaji, Tarkasur, the demon started thinking him to be immortal and was very proud. He attacked the earth and netherworld and became invincible. After this, he attacked the heaven in order to capture it. He defeated Lord Indra and gained control over heaven. The deities asked Lord Vishnu for help but Lord Vishnu told them that Tarkasur had got a boon from Brahmaji and he could be killed only by Shiva’s son. Shiva was engrossed in penance. The deities requested Kamdevto interrupt Shiva because it was only him who could do that. Kamdevagreed to it. He broke Shiva’s penance. Shiva was very angry and burnt him to ashes. On the request of Kamdev’s wife Rati, Naradji told her that Kamdevwas now without a physical body and he would be born as Pradyumna, son of Krishna. In Dwarka,Rukmani was pregnant. Her Godbharai (filling the lap of a woman with coconut / baby shower) ceremony was being done.

Sambarasur and his son Mayasur attacked Dwarka. A fierce battle was fought with Krishna and Balram. Shri Krishna killed Mayasur. Sambarasur was very angry and sad on the death of his son. His wife was also very angry. Both, husband and wife decided to take revenge from Krishna.

On Naradji’s advice, with Krishna’s permission, KamdeventeredRukmani’s embryo. After the godbharai ceremony, few days later,Rukmani gave birth to a son. He was named Pradyumna. Lots of celebrations were carried out in Dwarka on the birth of Pradyumna and there was happiness everywhere.
Devarshi Narad went to Sambarasur’s palace and gave him the news, that in Dwarka a son named Pradyumna was born in Krishna’s house and celebrations were going on. Sambarasur who was sad on the death of his son Mayasur, got very angry, even his wife got angry at this news. The news of celebration at Krishna’s house made Sambarasur very furious and he made a very firm mind to take revenge from Krishna.

Sambarasur called up for illusive demon and ordered him to kidnap Pradyumna. The demon went to Krishna’s palace, picked up Pradyumna and flew away. Pradyumna started crying and on hearing this, Subhadra,Rukmani, everyone woke up. Arjun made the illusive demon his arrow’s target, the demon’s head was slashed and Arjun saved Pradyumna. Sambarasur ordered Pralayasur to kidnap Pradyumna.

 Pralayasur, with his magical tricks reached Dwarka and picked up Pradyumna and flew off in the sky. On hearing Pradyumna cry, Balram came and challenged Pralayasur. A battle was fought between Balram and Pralayasur where Pralayasur was defeated. Pralayasur thought of killing Pradyumna himself and reached the palace of Dwarka in disguise. With magic he created a duplicate Pradyumna and left him withRukmani and flew away with the original Pradyumna. Then as Pralayasur was about to kill him with his sword, Naradji came there and explained to him that killing a child does not suit him. At this, Sambarsur threw away Pradyumna in the sea where a big fish swallowed him.

Balram’s soldiers searched for Pradyumna in all directions but they could not find him so they returned unhappy. Then Balram picked up his divine weapon and looked up in the sky with anger. Naradji told Krishna to pacify Balram or otherwise it would result negatively. The earth was shivering due to Balram’s anger. Shri Krishna told Pradyumna, “You are the incarnation of Shesh naag, cool down, Kamdevis incarnated in the form of Pradyumna and his goal is to kill Sambarsur. Please don’t worry about Pradyumna.” Balram cooled down.

A fisherman found the big fish. The fisherman gave it as a gift to Sambarsur. Sambarsur asked his cook Bhanasur and Bhanmati to make a tasty dish of the fish. When Bhanmati cut the fish, she found Pradyumna inside. Bhanasur and Bhanmati decided to rear it like their own child. Sambarasur was happy to hear this and unknowingly blessed Pradyumna.
In Dwarka, Satyabhama and everyone were unhappy because of Pradyumna being kidnapped. Shri Krishna andRukmani assured Satyabhama that Pradyumna was safe and he was kidnapped for some good cause and there was nothing to worry about.

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