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Runa Vimochana Sri Nrusimha Stothram - An Astro Remedy

Om! Gam! Ganapathaye! Namaha!
Om! Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!
Om! Namo! Bhagavathe! Vaasudevaya!
Om! Ham! Hanumathe! Sri Rama Doothaya Namaha!

Vaisakha sukla Chaturdasi is the day Lord Sri Maha Vishnu got manifested as Lord Narasimha during Pradosha time in the constellation of Swathi in Krutha Yuga and killed the demon Hiranyakasipa. This day is celebrated as Sri Nrusimha Jayanthi. Worshipping Lord Narasimha is considered to be an effective remedy for astrological related problems especially Mars and Saturn related. Mars is considered to be the Paramatma Amsa of Nrusimhaavathara.  For those born under the constellation of Mrigasira, Chitta and Dhanista whose star Lord is Mars, and Swathi whose star Lord is Rahu, regular worship of Lord Narasimha will be very useful. In general for Navagraha Doshas, Apamrityu dosha, sufferings from ill health, debts, enemies, problems of evil spirits, accidents, sudden aberrations and obstacles in life etc. worship of Lord Narasimha is a suggested remedy. It will also be very useful and effective while undergoing the periods of Sade Sath, Astama Sani, and Ardhastama Sani (all related to Saturn) in the Gochaara.

Some of the very effective prayers of Lord Narasimha are Sri Narasimha Nakha Stuthi composed by the great Saint, Philosopher and founder of Dvaita Philosophy, Sri Madhvacharya himself and Runa Vimochana Sri Nrusimha Stothram an extract from Sri Nrusimha Purana.  Others in the list are Nrusimha Mantra Rajam, Nava Narasimha Mantram, Prahlada Virachita Narasimha Kavacham, Sri Nrusimha Panchamrutha Sthothram (by Lord Sri Rama), Sri Mantrarajapada Sthothram (by Lord Shiva), Sri Narasimha Sthuthi (by Sri Narayana Panditacharya), Sanaischara Virachita Sri Nrusimha Kavacham, Sri Nrusimha Karavalamba Sthothram composed by Sri Aadi Sankaracharya etc.

Meaning  of  Nakha  Stuthi   in  English


paantvasmaanpuruhuutavairi balavaN matangamAdyat ghaTa
kumbOkshAdrivipATanAdikapaTu pratyEka vajrAyitA.h O Sri Narasimha, who is omnipresent, may your nails protect me and others at all times. Just as a lion attacks powerful elephant groups and splits apart their heads with its nails and the vajrayudha (Indra’s defense weapon) splits the highest mountains, in the similar way, the Asuras (who through the blessings of Sri Brahma, Rudra and the demigods) are like powerful exhilarating elephants who are easily killed by each of Sri Narasimha’s nails which are precious and powerful.


shriimadkanTeeravAsya prathathasunakharA dAritAratiduura
pradvastha dvAnta shAnta pravitatamansA bAvitAbuuribhAgai.h All demigods are devoted to and praying to this nail, which eliminates all bad elements in this world. They are very [devoted to] this nail as it will give all six senses of a brahman or devataas. This nail will even give complete knowledge and the gods will come out of the darkness (of ignorance). By praying to this nail, they will get peace and knowledge of all the qualities of Sri Hari.

LakshmiikAnta samantatOpi kalayaN naiveshitustEsamam pashyAmittamavastu duuritaratOpastham rasOyasTama.h
O Sri Narasimha, who has Sri Lakshmi, there is no body equal to you. If there is any thing which is equal, it is ‘astama rasa’ the famous six essences. Similarly, there is nobody equal or uttama [more excellent] than you.


yadrOshakkharadakshaNEtra kuTilaprAntOpitAgnispurat
khadhyOtOpama vishpulinga basitA brahmEsha shakrOtkarA.h There are many Brahma’s, many Rudra’s, many Indra’s and all of these and other demigods became ashes because of your smallest vision. Your vision is like the smallest firefly [a twinkling insect which glows in night], yet it has the brightness of the sun’s rays.

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