Friday, 2 September 2011

Legend of Goddess Lalita

Legend of Goddess Lalita is all about how the Goddess came into being and destroyed the demon Bhandasura. Goddess Lalita, also known as Lalita Tripura Sundari Devi and the red Goddess, is one of the most powerful manifestations of Goddess Shakti. The legend of Goddess Lalita can be traced to the invasion and occupation of heaven by a demon named Taraka. When the demon started to hurt and pester the celestials, they approached Lord Brahma for help. He said that it was the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati alone would be able to rid heaven of the demon. However, Lord Shiva was in a mood of deep meditation and marriage at the moment seemed impossible. Thus, Manmatha (Cupid-the god of love) was summoned by Lord Indra to try and induce love in the heart of Shiva for Parvati. Manmatha agreed to do as directed and aimed an arrow of lust on him while he was meditating. However, Shiva was able to analyse his feeling immediately and looked around to know why it had so happened. When Shiva saw Manmatha hiding behind the bushes, Shiva`s third eye opened and the fire blazing from there reduced Manmatha to ashes.
Chitrakarma, the commander of one of the Rudra Ganas, one day started toying with the ash of the burnt Manmatha and prepared a doll out of it. He took this doll to Lord Shiva. As soon as the doll neared Lord Shiva, it sprang to life and the boy, thus, born prostrated before Lord Shiva and Chitrakarma. This boy, after doing penance, got a special boon from Lord Shiva which made him extremely powerful and unyielding to the weapons of his enemy. Due to his qualities, this boy became an Asura and acquired the name Bhandasura. Apart from Bhandasura, a number of demons were born from the ashes of Manmatha including Vishukra and Vishanga. All of them became followers of Bhandasura and formed a strong army.

These Rakshasas greatly troubled and tyrannised the Gods as well as the angels. Thus, help was needed to defeat them and it was now that Lalita Devi made an appearance in order to relinquish the evil demon Bhandasura. The angels prayed to Mahashambhu who appeared before them along with Parashakti. Mahashambhu said that it was Lalita Devi alone who could help them conquer the demons and Parashakti alone can create another Lalita Devi. He told them how the Maha Yaga was to be performed and out of this Maha Yaga manifested Lalita Devi. At the end of the Homa, which was performed by Mahashambhu himself, Lalita Devi came out of the Chidagni Homa Kunda, seated on a special chariot called "Chakra Raja Ratha". The Lalita Parameshwari so manifested created a male form from within Herself. His name is Kameshwara.

Lalita Devi created 4 different weapons with the power of her will. They were (i) Ikshu Dhanus (ii) Five arrows, (iii) Pasha (noose) and (iv) Ankusha (a special hook). She held these weapons in her hands. She extended Herself in both male and female forms and continued the process of creation. From the left eye, which was of the nature of Soma (moon) came Brahma and Lakshmi Devi; from the right eye, which was of the nature of Surya (sun) came Lord Vishnu and Parvati; from the third eye, which was of the nature of Agni (fire), came Rudra and Sarasvati; Lakshmi and Vishnu, Shiva and Parvati and Brahma and Sarasvati became couples. Lalita Devi directed them to continue the process of Creation.

Later Lalita Devi proceeded for the battle against Bhandasura. The battle raged between the Goddess` army and that of Bhandasura and finally Lalita Devi discharged the Mahakameshawarastra and annihilated Bhandasura. Immediately his Shunyaka town got burnt down. The Gods proclaimed victory of Lalita Devi on the drums and they showered flowers, lighted camphor blazes and shouted victory slogans

However, though Bhandasura was dead, the problem of Taraka persisted. Thus, the Gods told Lalita Devi that in order to defeat him Shiva must have a son with Parvati. And while this is what the Gods were trying to do Manmadha had died and all the recent events had come to pass. They requested her to kindly grant rebirth to Manmadha and perform the marriage of Shiva and Parvati. Lalita Devi smiled compassionately and looked at Kameshwara. From her looks Manmadha took rebirth. She then instructed Manmadha not to fear and once again go forth and cast his spell on Lord Shiva. She prophesised that Shiva would lose to Manmadha and marry Parvati. Moreover, the Goddess also granted Manmadha the boon that he would be able to enter everyone`s body and cause aesthetic and sensuous pleasures to them.

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