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Kamakhya Temple - Yoni Shakti Peeth

" Yonipithang kamagirou Kamakshya tatradevta |
Yatraste Trigunatita Raktpasanrupini ||
Tatraste Madhabh Sakhyadumanandht Vairabh |
Sarvada Biharedevi Tatra Muktirna Sansaya|| "
 who being above the limit of "Trigunashakti" (Satva, Raja, Tama are three Properties of this living world) lives on the Kama Giri Hill as a Maha Mudra Yoni  Pith ('Yoni' is the  female genitalia  i.e. women's Sex organ) having a structure of a Stone weted with blood. This is the Maha Shakti Pith where Umananda Bhairav (incarnation of Lord Shiva ) and Shri Madhav (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) are also stay always lively. Incurnation of Devi Mahamaya Durga always stay here lively as Devi Kamakhya and this is the place which is undoubtedly the kshetra (land) of getting Mukti (spiritual salvation and eternal peace).According to Kalikapuran

" Kamrupang Mahapithang
 Gujhyadigujhyatamang Param |
Sada Sannihiastatra
Parvatya Saha Snakara || "

According to 'Kalikapuran', Kamrup (presently  the eastern part of the state Assam)  is one of the  most secret Sakti pith among all Shakti Pith  where both Lord Shiva  - the consort of Goddess Durga and  Parvati (Devi Durga) always Stay together very Lively.

. Kamakhya is such a Shakti Pith where Tantra is continuing to "Flow" at its own way during hundreds of years and that too very secretly behind the public eyes. Tantra has a enormous spiritual power.One of the most famous Tantra Kshetra in India is the Maha Shakti Pith KAMAKSHYA, which is equally spiritually very very lively as well as very Mysterious. The very secret Tantrik Puja and Practices made this auspicious Pith really

 as the yielder of all desires and the giver of salvation., an ancient work in Sanskrit on Devi Shakti describesThe Kamakhya Temple in Assam is one of the most important, famous and lively Shakti shrines in India and is regarded as one of the most famous 51 Shakti Peethams. Holy Pith Kamakhya is located on Neelachal Parvat i.e Nilachal Hil or Kamagiri near the city of Guwahati in Assam. Devi Shakti, residing on the Kamagiri hill is known as Devi Kamakhya, who fulfills your desires. The
 i.e. the reproductive organ of Sati is believed to have fallen on the Neelachal Hill of ancient Asam named Kamrup. After falling this Yoni on the Hill, it transformed into a stone for the benefit of human being but it is said that still secretion of blood prevails periodically as if Goddess menstruates. .Legend has it that after SATI i.e. incurnation of Devi Durga died in the Yagna Kshetra (land) of King Daksha, Lord Shiva  the Husband of Sati Started Rudra Tandava Dances taking the body of SATI on his shoulder and as a result the world was going to be destroyed. Lord Vishnu made a plan to stop Lord Shiva and Cut the body of  SATI (Holy Goddess) very secretely and carefully in 51 pieces. These Parts of Sati's body fell at several places throughout ancient India, and these places are revered as
 in this stone. She is  Bhairavi. And where is Bhairavi, Bhairav should be there naturally. Here within a small distance, inside the island of  Bramhputra rivar there is a small hill -  Bhasmachal. There is a temple of Lord Umananda. He is Lord Shiva ...Bhairav of Devi Kamakshya. Devi Shakti stay here as
There is no idol image of Devi Kamakhya in the Kamakhya Temple but there is a sculptured image of the Yoni of the very Goddess, which is the main object that creates reverence. The temple basically is a natural cave with a spring. Down a few steps inside the hill into the cave there is a dark, mysterious chamber. Here, wrapped with a silk sari and covered with flowers, is kept the 'Mahamudra mudra yoni'.

Why People offer Puja here ?
Every year Millions of devotees come at the Kamakshya Temple for offering Puja or Pooja. Among them you may find thousands and thousands of devotees are there who are coming from distant places to offer a repeat Pujas whose dreams has been successful after offering the Puja or Pooja at the first time. They are grateful to this mother Goddess and so offering the repeat Pujas.
  Politicians, Businessmen, General People etc. all offer Poojas at this auspicious Yoni Pith to get the blessings of Devi Kamakhya. There are many many devotees are there who comes to this Yoni Peeth Temple repeatedly for the number of times in a single year
 and it is said the if somebody offer Puja to Devi Kamakhya whole heartedly and gets the kindness then he or she need not think about his or her next life ...all of his / her dreams get successful. Devi Kamakshya is the Goddess of Kindness. Nobody returns in empty hands after offering Puja and praying to her for something.Devi Kamakhya is worshipped in

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