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Incarnations in Mahaabhaarat

Sam Janamejaya said - "Now I want to hear about those celestials who were born among the human beings." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "First I tell you bout the celestials and Daanav being born among human beings.

--Viprachitti took birth as Jaraasandh.
--Diti's son Hiranyakashyap was born as Shishupaal.
--His son Sanhlaad became Shalya.
--His another son Anuhlaad, the youngest one, became Dhrishtketu.
--Diti's son Shivi was born as Drum.
--Baashkal was born as Bhagadatt.
--The five great Asur - Ayashiraa, Ashwashir, Ayashanku, Gaganmardan and Vegvat were all born in the line of Kaikaya.
--Swarbhaanu was born as Ugrasen of fierce deeds.
--Ashwa became Ashok.
--Ashwa's younger brother, Ashwapati, son of Diti, became Haardikya.
--Vrishparvaa was born as Deerghpragya.
--Ajak, the younger brother of Vrishparvaa, was born as Shaalv.
--Ashwagreev was born as Rochmaan.
--Sookshm Asur became Brihadrath.
--Tuhund became Senaabindu.
--Ishupaa became Nagnjit.
--Ekchakra became Prativindhya.
--Viroopaaksh became Chitravarmaa.
--Har was born as Subaahu.
--Nikumbh was born as Devaadhip.
--Sharabh was born as the king Paurav.
--Shalabh was born as Prahlaad.
--Chandramaa became Chandravarmaa, the king of Kaamboj.
--Deergjivhaa was born as Kaashiraaj.
--Raahu, the son of Sinhikaa, was born as Kraad.
--Vikshar, the eldest son among the four sons of Danaayu, was born as Pandyaa.
--Vritraasur became Manimaan.
--Krodh-hantaa, the younger brother of Vritra, became King Dand.
--The 8 sons of Kaaleya became very powerful kings, the eldest one was Jayatsen in Magadh, the second one became Aparaajit, the third one was born as the king of Nishaad, etc
--Kaalnemi was born as Kans, the son of Ugrasen.
--Devak was born as the king of Gandhrav.

--Drone, the son of Bharadwaaj, not born from any woman, was born from Brihaspati.
--His son Ashwatthaamaa was born from the united portions of Mahaadev, Yam, Kaam and Krodh.
--From the curse of Vashishth, and by the command of Indra were born the eight Vasu from Gangaa and Shaantanu - the youngest being Bheeshm who lived his life here.
--Kripaa was born from the tribe of Rudra.
--Shakuni was Dwaapar (Yug) himself.
--Saatyaki was born from Marut Gan.
--Drupad was also born from Marut Gan.
--Kritvarmaa was also born from the portion of Marut Gan.
--Viraat was also from Marut Gan.
--Hans, the son Arishtaasur, was born in Kuru race as te king of Gandharv.
--Dhritraashtra was born from Krishn Dwaipaayan.
--Paandu was Purity's self.
--Vidur was Yam Raaj himself and was the son of Atri.
--Duryodhan was born from a portion of Kali (Yug). That is why he became the cause of killing of all.
--Duyodhan's brothers were Pulastya's Raakshas sons.
--Even Yuyutsu was one of them.
Dhritraashtra's Sons and Others
Janamejaya said - "Tell me the names of Dhritraashtra's sons beginning with the eldest one." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "They were - (1) Duryodhan, and (2) Yuyutsu, and also (3) Duhshaasan; (4) Dusaha and (5) Duhshal, and then (6) Durmukh; (7) Vivinshati, (8) Vikarn, (9) Jalasandh, (10) Sulochan, (11) Vind and (12) Anuvind, (13) Durdharsh, (14) Subaahu, (15) Dush-pradarshan; (16) Durmarshan, (17) Dushkarn, (18) Karn; (19) Chitra and (20) Vipachitra, (21) Chitraaksha, (22) Chaaruchitra, and (23) Angad, (24) Durmad, (25) Dush-pradarsh, (26) Vivitsu, (27) Vikat, (28) Saam; (29) Urananaabh, (30) Padmanaabh, (31) Nand, (32) Upanandak; (33) Sanapati, (34) Sushen, (35) Kundodar, (36) Mahodar; (37) Chitrabaahu, (38) Chitravarmaa, (39) Suvarmaa, (40) Durvirochan; (41) Ayobaahu, (42) Mahaabaahu, (43) Chitrachap and (44) Sukundal, (45) Bheemveg, (46) Bheembal, (47) Valaakee, (48) Bheemvikram, (49) Ugraayudh, (50) Bheemaearaa, (51) Kanakaayu, (52) Dridhaayudh, (53) Dridhavarmaa, (54) Dridhakshatra, (55) Sonkeerti, (56) Anaadar; (57) Jaraasandh, (58) Dridhasandh, (59) Satyasandh, (60) Sahastraveh; (61) Ugrashravaa, (62) Ugrasen, (63) Kshemamoorti; (64) Aparaajit, (65) Pandit, (66) Vishaalaaksh, (67) Durdhar, (68) Dridhahast, (69) Suhast, (70) Vaatveg, (71) Suvarch; (72) Aadityaketu, (73) Vahavaas, (74) Naagdatt, (75) Anuyain; (76) Nishaangee, (77) Kuvachee, (78) Dandee, (79) Dandadhar, (80) Dhanugraha; (81) Ugra, (82) Bheemarath, (83) Veer, (84) Veerabaahu, (85) Alolup; (86) Abhaya, (87) Raudrakarmaa, (88) Dridharath; (89) Anadrishya, (90) Kundved, (91) Viravi, (92) Dheerghlochan; (93) Deerghbaahu; (94) Mahaabaahu; (95) Vyudhoru, (96) Kanakaangan; (97) Kundaj and (98) Chitrak.
Note - Here only 98 names are given, including Yuyutsu, while there should be 101 names if Yuyutsu's name is included. Besides These names do not match with the names of Dhritraashtra's sons mentioned in the war time when they were killed by Bheem. See the list of the people killed. Besides Ganguli's Sanskrit version (Book 1, Ch 61) doesn't give these names at the place where Ganguli has provided them in his English translation version - Book I, Section LXVII (Book 1, Section 67).
Dhritraashtra also had a daughter named Dushalaa who was over and above these hundred sons. And Yuyutsu who was Dhritarashtra's son by a Vaishya wife, was also over and above the hundred. Thus, O king, I have recited the names of the hundred sons and also that of the daughter (of Dhritarashtra). You now known their names according to the order of their births. Dushalaa was married to Jayadrath, the King of Sindhu, at the advice of Shakuni.
Yudhishthir was a portion of Dharm Raaj. Bheemsen was was the portion of Vaayu Dev. Arjun was a portion of Indra and Nakul and Sahadev were the portions of Ashwinee Kumaar. Varch, who was the son of Som (Moon), was born as Abhimanyu. Before incarnating, Som said to the celestials, "I cannot part my son, he is very dear to me, so his life should be short on Prithvi. It is celestials duty to kill Asur, so let him go there but not for too long time. Nar will be born as Indra's son, and will be known as Arjun, the son of Paandu, so let him be his son and should stay only for 16 years. When he will be of 16 years, a war will take place, and a day will be there when Nar and Naaraayan will not be there to fight. A Chakra Vyooh will be designed by enemies, so let him defeat all his enemies at that time. He will kill one fourth army of enemy in half a day time. As the day will be over, my son should reappear before me." Hearing this all celestials worshipped him. This was  the account of birth of your grandfather. Dhrishtdyumn was a portion of Agni Dev. Shikhandee was first a female and was an incarnation of a Raakshas. The five sons of Draupadee were the Vishwaas Devtaa. Their names were - Prativindhya, Sutasom, Shrutkeerti, Shataaneek, and Shrutsen.
Shoorsen was the father of Vasudev. He had a daughter named Prithaa. He promised the son of his paternal aunt (Buaa) Kuntibhoj, who had no child, to give his first-born child in the expectation to gain some favors. So as his first child, a girl Prithaa, was born, he gave her to him. There she used to receive Braahman and guests. One day she attended Rishi Durvaasaa. Durvaasaa got very pleased with her services, so he said to her - "I am very pleased with you. Take this Mantra, you can invoke any Devtaa by this Mantra and you might have children from him. After a while, just curiosity sake she invoked Soorya Dev and Soorya Dev gave her a son who came with a Kavach (armor, or protection cover) and earring on his body. Kuntee with the fear of being maiden, flowed him in water. The child was taken up by the husband of Raadhaa, and both adopted him as their son and named him Vasusen.
When he grew up, he became excellent in weapons and there was nothing he did not give to Braahman. To protect his own son, Indra assumed the guise of a Braahman and begged his Kavach and earrings. Surprised at his donation, Indra gave him a Power and said - "To whoever you will aim this power, he will be slain." His original name was Vasusen, but because of his deeds he came to be known as Karn. Later he became the counselor and friend of Duryodhan. And whose name was Vaasudev was Naaraayan himself; and Baladev (Balaraam) was a portion of Shesh Naag. Pradumn was Sanat Kumaar. Thus celestials incarnated on Prithvi.
Apsaraa also incarnated on Prithvi. 16,000 portions of them came on Earth as Vaasudev's wives. A portion of Shree (Lakshmee) incarnated in the house of Bheeshmak as Rukminee. Draupadee was the portion of Shachee. Siddhi and Dhriti became the mothers of five - Kuntee and Maadree; and Mati became the daughter of Subal - Gaandhaaree.
Thus this is the account of incarnations.

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